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well nothing really to say...uhhh i guess im obssessed with hellsing and i like to play kingdom hearts and final fantasy...all the other info is the the side...

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Monday, June 19, 2006

ok heres some of the AMV's i made...their the best ones i have and soon ill have more so keep an eye out for more on my profile...btw in the parenthesi things it names the artist of the song and the name of it...and yes i did make all of these...seriously

hellsings ashes (symphony x:out of the ashes)

sins and shadows of alucard (symphony x: of sins and shadows)

alucard's marmalade chainsaw (dir en grey: marmalade chainsaw)

hellsing 69 eyes AMV (the 69 eyes: the lost boys...1st AMV ever btw)

complete hellsing randomness (funny/random hellsing AMV)

hellsing's book of metal(dream evil: the book of heavy metal)

alucard never cries(devil may cry 3: devils never cry)

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