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I really like all kinds of anime,but I like anime with action. My favorite anime is s-CRY-ed and Naruto is my favorite manga.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Week of School
This week was the first week of school for my high school. I haven't finished the books I was supposed to read, but I get 3 more weeks to read them because some people couldn't get the books and some couldn't get the list for reading during the summer. I like all my classes right now except for Wld Studies Adv and P.E. because for Wld Studies are teacher is so strict that we have to write a sentence of how things learned in class are connected to our subject and if we don't do it, the highest grade we could get is a 70% with everything else perfect and also we have to do presentations everyday. This may seem easy, but compared to my classes last year, this is very difficult for me. In P.E. somebody stole some of my money from my backpack while I was wearing it and standing up. I am lucky that was just money and nothing releated to anime. I'm just kidding. I am very angry and the next time I see the kid that was walking away when I turned around I am going to knock some sense into him. Hope everyone else has a great school year.
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

King Arthur
I have been really busy lately. I have been laboring a lot, but never appreciated for it. For my advanced english class I was supposed to read Genesis and Exodus from the Bible and 2 books from the list we were given. I only started reading the Bible last week and I finally got one other book I had to read. I only have this weekend before school starts and the book that I found was 677 pages. I just got it on Wednesday. I thought that I might finish it if I read really fast and I was reading a page a minute, but that was only for the first 10 pages. I started reading slower and now I am only on page 73. I now know that I can not finish this book, but I found www.pinkmonkey.com which will help me so I will not have to read the book. After I get that out of the way, I will search another one of the books I have on www.pinkmonkey.com. I am so happy that I found that site. This Thursday I got my schedule for school and all of my classes are advanced. Before I planned out the schedule, I was going to not get one advanced class, but I saw that someone else was getting all advanced so I got angry at myself and got all advanced classes. The only class I don't care about is P.E. and I got P.E. intro for a class. Even though I am very strong I think of it as a waste of time working out harder than I am at working my muscles out outside of school. That is why I don't want to push myself so physical in school, but I still work out a lot. The reason my subject is called King Arthur is because the long book that I can not finish is called The Once and Future King by T.H. White. I think it is a great book for me to read, but I just can't finish it in 2 more days with 600 pages to go. Thanks everyone for visiting my site. I hope that many good things come to you people that visit my site.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

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