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Sunday, August 5, 2007

That night chihiro didn't sleep.The next day came already *i know it was a short night but i couln't think of anything to write so i stated the next day*
"Aright class today i will be putting you into teams of 4,so yea to start team 1 *and for the rest of the teams chihiro zoned out she didn't really care*
and the last three teams team 7 Uzamaki Naruto, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Chihiro Utaki. Now team 8 G--"
Naruto:" What how come i am on Sasukes team!"
"Look naruto i am not going to argue or even tell you why so just stick with it NO QUESTIONS!!"
"Okay , fine."
"Alright team 8, *okay this part i will only use first names cause i dont know there last names* Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Kuhaku.Now team 9 TenTen, Neji, Rock Lee, and Mitsuki. Alright you need to stay after class to meet your teachers from now on." **iruka is done talking and now class is over**
Sasuke looks over at chihiro wondering what is under her deadband**she keeps it in her eyes because of her eyes have a special thing to theme I CALL IT THE SILVER SHARIGAN one of my best ideas yet >.<**
Sakura noticed Sasuke looking at Chihiro. She had to get his attention but how. "Hey Sasuke-kun." **door open**
"Hello everyone i am your sensie from now on, but i just came to say hi and you guys will meet me tomorrow on top off this building yeah okay bye."
Me:"What was that about , all he did is just say hi and were to meet him, he didn't even give us a time to meet him."
Naruto:"Ummm yea i dont know but i out, and hey Chihiro do you want to go and get ramen together i mean sence we are on the same team and everything like that.
Me:"Umm..........sure but do you mind if Mitsuki comes with us,....that is if i can find her."
Naruto:".............ARE you serius, fine i dont care but i am going to go you can look for her if you want."
Sakura:"Naruto why are you so mean. Help her look for her sister............umm chihiro shes your sister right?
Me:"Yea she is, but.....I DON'T NEED HIS HELP. HE WONT DO ANYTHING BUT YELL, then complain cause he is tired i know his type. He is just like Mitsuki so i don't want his help, i can find her myself." Chihiro left after that to look for mitsuki.
Sakura:"See naruto you just dont understand the womens heart at all."
Sasuke:"Yea loser you really have no idea, anyway i am going." **Actully sasuke wanted to leave to help look for mitsuki because he likes her,....... okay i am doing this in part about sasuke and mitsuki so my friend could be happy with sasuke**
Naruto:" Whaa...i didn't mean for all this to happen, man all i wanted to do was eat ramen with chihro, but no i'm goingto leave now."
Sakura:" Ummm....okay bye people." **then Mitsuki poped out from behinde the desk,....she fell asleep.**
Mitsuki:"Yeah i fell asleep, then i fell on the ground but your voice woke me up.....Hey i have a question for you sakura."
Sakura:"What is it?"
END *and yes it is another cliff hanger i hope you enjoy them because they will come alot!!**cause yeah i said so **

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

hi people okay i have to change the apperace of the main character of my storie okay she has bandages on her eyes but in chapter 4 you guys will know what im talking about cause i even exsplain it then so yeah just giving a heads up
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

CHAPTER 3!!!!!
**Alright were did we leave of oh yes the crash**
*CRASH*, "OW that hurt!."
"I'm sorry I wasn't watching were I was going."
"I'll say, you need to be more careful! >,<"
"Alright, anyways my name is Kuhaku.....yeah thats it."
"Whats your last name?"
"Do i have to tell you?"
"Nope, but i would like that."
"Too bad."
"Pft fine I have improtant thing to do then to talk to a lower class shinobi ninja then me!" After chihiro said that she just walked away. Without saying another word to that kid, but she had to get that out of her mind so she went to ICHIRAKU RAMEN SHOP.***PAUSE okay we all now what going to happen.........she will become a crazed ramen fan>, "Afternoon chihiro, the usual.", "Hai, the usual." ****alright im going to switch to thinking mode i mean until someone eles talks to her then thnking mode will leave****
""hmmmm i cant belive i am on a team with naruto that baka i cant belive it why iruka doing this to me aw man i need to calm down *sigh*hmm so ho----""
"Here you go 50 ramen of the usual"
"Arigoto, alright chow time!!!^o^!" *starts to slurp up ramen* "MMMMM RAMEN!!"
"Um exuse me but aren't u that girl from earlier" *chihiro looks up*
"*gaint sweat mark*, WHA ITS YOU......ummmm was it naruto?
"Yeah so what i forgot your name I wasn't paying much attention to you earlier i just wanted you to shut up, you really are annoying**okay the reason she is always so mean to naruto is well cause she likes him but dosen't want to say it and naruto is the same way!!**
"Yeah i get that a lot from sakura-chan."
"Anyway i am the girl from earlier and you should remember my name?"
"Yeah, its umm.......ch......CHIHIRO!"
"Yeah but you didn't have to say it that loud, i mean come on your right here next to me you dont need to yell."
"I know but ummm i dont know, so anyway do you umm....well..uh"
"Just spit it out already!"
"Well do you want to---" *just at the time before naruto could finish Kuhaku came into the shop*
"Sup' people."
"Not you too naruto is here and now you, can't you all just leave for a while so i can get some peace"
Both: "WHAT WHY?"
"Because your both annoying, and i need my space. I'm leaving thank you for the ramen, Good day."
One the way back to her house chihiro could'nt help think about that Uchia boy just how powerful was he, man should couln't what to challeng him. Chihiro was now at her door but for some reason it took her a while to open it. She didn't know why but she had a feeling maybe she was too hard on naruto i dunno but yeah.
"Yo Sis."
"AHH, jesus you scared me."
"Sorry, Hey *notices chihiros face* whats wrong you look pale."
"Ummm....its nothing im alright i was just thinking about somthing thats all."
"Alright what-ever you say."

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