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Hey, Ya'll. It's AllE K. here. I'm very happy to be on this site. So happy, in fact, that i have no clue what to write here. but i probably will in the future, withthe help of sugar (which is the inspiration for all good ideas. I'm sure that greek philosophers had even more sugar than me! there fore, they had more ideas on what the heck to write.) Basically, all my advice is; if i begin to babble, ignore me, but still check out my art when i post it.
also, please take a peek at my fanfiction and original stories if you would. here they are.



Luvs, AllE K.


i love you all, and i especially love it when people draw me puuuurty pictures! XD

thank you's all around! another one on the house.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

  hey everyone! how's it shakin?

another dance ocmpetition coming up on the 22nd and then i'm preforming in a dinner show that evening. so i'm nervous....because i'm going to utah for eleven days and i get back right before the comp. and i'm not very good a quickstep....(i'm fine a rumba, which is the other dance) but yeah...i think it's quickstep rumba, cha cha, and waltz. twp latin two smooth, all syllabus dances.

I missed class last thursday to hang out with my friend who'se in college and like..never gets time off from work. and Angie was so pissed at me....ooooh gawd. she's like

"the ONLY time you can SKIP is if you're PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO BE HERE!!!!" and then she got over it...thank got it was angie. suzie woulda torn out my insides. i feel bad though for showing up late to class the other day (i'm kinda a teacher's assistant in that class) and i missed my bus...so the next one was like another half hour, and then i had to hike all the way form down town to my dance studio....and it rained on me the whole way.....loveley.

i'm really excited about utah though! we're going to the canyonlands natioinal park! the needles district. i'm scared of flash floods though...the two major causes of death in that desert are dehydration and drowning in flash floods. it happens in really thin canyons, and the water just comes down on you sounding like a freight train......AAAAAAH! my big phobia is being stuck in a small space and having it fill up with water, and this is exactly that.

other than that, sunburns, scorpions, tarantulas, black widows, and rattle snakes are there. i hope they dont' get in our tents. D=

other than that, i'm completely obsessed with d.gray-man right now. go read it or watch it! or something! XD

luvs, AllE K.

how's you guyses?

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

the comp went well. ^^ i was up suuuuuper late with my dance teacher, making me a skirt for Cha cha, cuz i didn't have one.

Erin and I got one first place, one thid place.

Calvin and I got two second places.

^^ i guess it about evens out. i did two cha chas, and two waltzes.

ZOMG! and there's a comp in oregon in march that i'm super excited about! XD i wanna do Jive!

dancing is great.

but i had to miss my indoor soccer game....and coach is going to kill me....it was either my dance teacher or my soccer coach who would strangle me, and i'm more scared of my dance teacher. she's a girl. and puerto rican. XDDDDD

how's everyone's tests going? XP

luvs, AllE K.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


so so so

erin wants to compete! I HAVE TEH PARTNER!


got to go, go to sleep and shit. =D

tell you all how it goes.


also, also, a fifth bloody jack book is out! in case you didn't know! i didn't and then luckily i was walking around in the l-brary and spotted it! i snagged it much quick, of course. ^^ so far it's awesome (they're just awesome books to read, she's suck a fun main character. jacky. XD almost as hyper as me, but with more alchohol at hand. though i won't say she has ALL the alchohol. ^w^)

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