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This is Ali Ba Ba, but you can call me Ali even though some one has Ali htis is proubably the girl Ali. and if it is a girl Ali then my apologies. I like Anime and mangas just like anyone eles so share your stories with me cause my ears are open to who like Anime and manga. If you live in Massachusetts then email me, but if your a creepy old man then dont even bother emailing me!!! Till then BYE!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It seems that people just looking at the site and not signing my guest boo. I f you look at my site, the curdiouse thing you can do is sign it. But any way my finals are next week. I just wanna skip it so bad. And Im so under pressure because Im gonna fail the spanish test. And my scarlarship will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Well today, ....... i have nothing to say today....... comment me and say random things......... Oh yeah, the Yankees won the series but not a sweep. Maybe next time........ Like I said later, comment me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well toay I decied to update my post early in the mourning. Well any way today Ive decied to do all my work for an assingment in Spanish class and not copy off of the girl next to me. But Im so behind that I dont understand what the proffesorr is teaching us. And Im spanish!!!!!!!! Oh well now I gotta learn the hard way. I can bet that alot of people copy off all the time? Let me hear your experences and be honest!!!!! Till then, Ali
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