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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/28/04:
I'm really not but who gives a sh*t! I got Heero! I got Heero! Awesome! 'till next time...

You are most like Heero!
Find out Which Gundam boy you are.

Result Posted on 06/24/04:
At first I always got what I wanted in quizzes... now... *sigh*

You are Air. You tend to flit from one thing to another without
so much as a second thought, but you're not a
COMPLETE ditz. In fact, there's an actual brain
inside that head of yours. Your girlfriend
would be VERY genki, like you, and you would
probably go to some theme park for a date.
People tend to think that you're an airhead,
but, you're still a loyal friend, despite the
fact that you tend to forget a lot of details.
Probably the most hyper of the lot, you're air,
so be proud!

Element Test: For the Boys
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Result Posted on 06/24/04:
Hes cool, but I wanna be Yusuke...

Result Posted on 06/19/04:
Is it just me or do most quizzes have girl pix? Oh well I got red... fire... Burn... *walks away while laughing insanely*

Result Posted on 06/16/04:
Look, Heero, something else in common...

Lonliness dominates you. You can hide it well, but
its there, and your friends can see it. You
constantly feel alone, and need to do things to
fill your time. Your afraid to tell people
this, but sooner or later it gets out in a bad
way, and you think you screwed up everything.
And when you are in love is when you are sad
the most. (Please Vote)

What Emotion Dominates you?
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Result Posted on 06/15/04:
I'm in a really bad mood and this fucking quizz aint helping... fuck next time...

your inner color is blue!
You're Blue. You're depressed, hopeless, and a very
down-on-yourself person. You think everyone
hates you (when they don't!), you think the sky
is falling (when it isn't) and you're a very
stressed person. You probably aren't that
depressed on the inside, you just like to have
people feel sorry for you. Who doesn't?

What's Your Inner Color? (anime images)
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Result Posted on 06/12/04:
I'm so pathetic... Nataku1 knows what I mean...

Love. You Truly Desire Love. You long for someone
to hold you and take the pain away. You haven't
been in much relationships or you need to work
on how to handle them. You always seem lost in
a daydream about the person you care about


What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS*
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Result Posted on 06/06/04:
Yeah, it makes sense... i wonder how everyones doing right now...

Result Posted on 06/06/04:
*Head down, shaking insensantly* Hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

You're the psychotic grin,and no one can quite tell
if you're insane or just really hyper.You scare
people,and i mean scare them a lot.Kati'd be
friends with you though.You two could have
sleepovers together and make pasta at 4 am.

What Kind of Smile are You?
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Result Posted on 06/06/04:
Wow, this one hit the nail on the head, a perfect bulls-eye... Shocking... 'till next time...

You are a Day Dreamer.. Daydreamers tend to be away from the normal, and
have a deeper aspect when looking at things.
Most of the time, thier outcasts of the social
society, but don't worry. It just means your so
deep it scares thier simple little brains.

What kind of Dreamer are you?
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