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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

   LIFE!!! Its worth living!
Ok so i just got back from Florida!!! I had so much fun. First off i saw my family and that alone is reason to celebrate. Second I met some new members of the family, like for example my second cousins husband, Roberto. He is really cool and made me feel awesome the whole time i was there.

I went to my cousins sweet 15, and i had a blast! I drank a lil, and i danced too. I NEVER dance, so that was a huge deal. My mom was so happy. I also talked a lot with my uncle's brother and he got me to thinking that maybe i should go down there and be with my family for good. He brought up a lot of good points, so now im thinking about it.

The next day i went over to my Godparent's house, and we had a good ol time over there too. We played cards, danced, played dominoes, barbequed! It was a great time.

The next day was a lil more calm at first, just stayed home during the day, but then my cousin, brother and I walked over to my other aunts house and got wasted on whiskey! We were SO drunk my brother couldnt form words lol. On top of that my two little punk cousins thought they could handle the alchohol and got so fucked up they were hungover that SAME night lol. Also that night we went to Downtown Disney and since i was still a little tipsy i bought an Xbox 360... lol i shouldnt have spent that money but whats done is done right?

Then on our last day we went to the beach for a lil bit before heading to the airport. I am sad to be back, but glad that i went. And i am so excited about potentially moving down there! Oh man, well ill talk to you all later! Have a good one.

'till next time...


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