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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New update and a brief fix up!
OK about my last post i think i wasnt clear enough:

Tim is my regular Co-worker. He was on vacation last week. Craig was the ass who came over to cover for him. Craig sux ass, and Tim is back now HOORAY!!!

Uhm Final Fantasy 11 is awesome. I have been on and off for a year, and this is the first time ive really been into it. I am a level 13 Redmage now! WHOOT! And ive made a lot of really cool friends. New years kinda sucked too but its all good, american holidays are over and im glad.

Magi day is "El dia de los Reyes" its a Spanish holiday in which children get gifts, kinda like a second Christmas. And this year i get to spend it with my family in florida so YAY!

'till next time...


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