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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I paid my rent yesterday and i went to the mall with my friends. Mistake! I spent the last of my money, not to mention that i kinda spent the little bit og extra money i had stashed on the side. I am poor. And not only that, but i still have to get some more christmas presents... Also those headphones that magically appeared and made my life great again magically disappeared, and now im pissed cuz honestly where the hell could they have gone?

On the upside, i got my siblings' christmas presents, got them each a lil MP3 player, nothing fancy u know but a little something.

OMG I found the the special edition Fullmetal Alchemist Movie down from $50 to $25, and Tenchi Muyo down from $120 to $60!!! I was so SO sad that i couldnt get them, i really wanna flip out right now just thinking about it...

'till next time...


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