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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/02/05:
Whoot! Naruto! I got Naruto! Squee! Naruto rocks!

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

Result Posted on 09/05/05:
I am putting this character into my FanFic on fanfiction.net as soon as its running. Check it out!

FMA(Full Metal Alchemist) new character generator. by FMA2INU
Hair:Black with red tips
Clothes:Blue takntop and jeans
State Alchemist:No
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Result Posted on 09/05/05:
Whoohoo!!!!!! I'm a major!!! Yes!!!!!!! My cousin Jerry is a Colinel!! Well at least I'm not far behind him.

Fullmetal Alchemist Military Rank by Mioko Hagata
Off-job OutfitYour military uniform, your never seen out of it.
GoalMake your love interest take notice in you even if you have to force them.
Freetime is spent on...?Freetime, what freetime?
Date you joined miltaryDecember 11, 1978
Number of Reports you've done80
Number of Missions you've completed16
Number of Missions you've failed68
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Result Posted on 08/09/05:

Which inuyasha guy would sleep w/ u? by blakkat
Fave Color
Where U metUnder a Tree
WhatInocent Kiss then....
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
That's KING you dolt! I'm perverted, not homosexual!

Inuyasha Pervert Test by Kanis
Favorite Inuyasha Character
Favorite Color
Your Favorite Date is When...Ninja monkeys captured you and made you date their queen
Least Favorite is When...Ninja monkeys dumped you outside for being a pervert with their queen.
Number of Times Slapped3,160,585
Pervertedness Level: 98%
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
Because...he's...hot. Miroku, even though he's a pervert(which I can live with X3), is really hot

Your InuYasha Boyfriend (for girls, obviously) by Uzali
Your guy:Miroku
I:Am here wondering why you put up with him.
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
Hell yeah! Inu loves me!

How will your InuYasha character tell you he loves you? by NarakusLuver
what is your name?
your username?
who is your fav. InuYasha girl character?
your fav. color?
your InuYasha guy isInuYasha
he will tell you he loves you bythe bed, so he can finally make you his
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
Oh hell! They're wrong. I would never tell Inu to die.

Which Inuyasha Character Banged You? (For Girls) by D3m0nKat
Your Character Dream guy?
OnApril 14, 2004
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
Ooooh! Sesshi. X3

Which Inuyasha Character will screw you?(for girls) by sakuratenken
Who will screw youSesshoumaru
What he will doBe the most wonderful Partner in the world and always come back for more... hehe
Your seductionKisses and Candy
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Result Posted on 08/08/05:
Inu! This quiz is short (no offense Ed) but it ets to the point, the handsome point. **

Which Inuyasha Bishounen Will You Marry? by czernoborg
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