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Monday, July 16, 2007


Wow, I hove NOTHING to do today....or tomorrow.....but it's okay...there's anime on tonuight...on SciFi!^^ lol So, I'll be watching that...but that starts at I think 11:00pm, so that really dosen't give me anything to do right now...

I got $50.00 yesterday for watching some cats that were mine, untill they ran away and got a new home at these peoples house...lol It's really cool that they gave me so much JUST for feeding the cats once a day, plus I love going and seeing the cats, cause I miss them! So....yeah I was happy!XD lol

So, I might be have an exchange student staying with me and my family... wich will be kinna weird, but fun I guess....only they'd be staying in my room, and my sister is the one who really wants an exchange student to stay with us, cause she just got home last month from being one....So, I'm think if she's the one who wants one to come, then she should let them have HER room NOT MINE. And it was weird cause every one thought they'd stay in mine room right away...with out asking me if that'd be okay....I guess it's cause I have the nicest room or something...but that's because I really care about having some place I can go to be alone and be have it be a place that the way I want it to be, so I can play my music without it pissing anyone off, so I can take a nap or what ever else I wanna do. And so having to go in my sisters room for the 3 months they'd be at our house would be hell for me. 1, my sister it ALWAYS in her room, 2, most of the time she has her own music playing, 3, she didn't have HER music on she'd be reading or writting or doing something that she didn't want any music playing while she did it. And 4, me and my sister are really good friends, but some times she gets all bitchy and yells the fuck out of me to get the hell out of HER room, and when she dose this I go in MY room. I really feel this isn't going to work vary well....for me at lest....casue I'll be the one with no room. Every one else will have a room...even the exchange student will....and my sister will still think of her room as her room, even if we're both sleeping in it. It's not the I don't want an exchange student to come I think it'd be really cool...but it'd be a lot cooler if we could ALL have rooms, or if the person who really want's an exchange student *coughmy sistercogh* would let them have thier room, and not make me give up the only place in this house that I like to be. Not only would I have to laeve my romm I have to leave all my stuff in ther, cause there is NOWHERE else to put it....so I guess I'll have to sleep on the floor in my sisters room the whole time they're here....yeah, if they do come, it''ll be hell for me.

Bye-bye! I really hope I get over this....


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