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"Sakura Saku" - Love Hina Theme Song
Alrighty, where to start...Oh, my name is April! My favorite things to do are: cosplaying, para para, playing video games (RPG's and Survival Horror), listening to Japanese music, playing with my cat, T.J., hanging out with my friends and my fiancee, watching anime, reading manga, collecting anime figurines, writing fanfiction (mostly yaoi), and drawing when I can. XD

I also like to draw blueprints for houses and test my ability to take halfway decent pictures. And of course, hanging out with my little sisters, Sammy (dagger488), Kyara (key325), and Kayla. <3

And when I'm not doing anything productive, I like to sit on my butt and watch reality T.V....and eat chips....like any other normal girl...wait, I'm far from the "normal girl." Okay, so I'm a bit tomboyish. *shrugs* If you saw what my parents dressed me in when I was little, you'd understand. XD I love to get dirty, and I hate clothes shopping, I don't like "hanging out with the girls," or anything like that. Granted I WILL NOT work on a car. Bleh. I'm OCD about my hands being dirty, which is ironic, because I have to touch the pizza toppings at work. Ah, random-ness.......I'm the oldest of four other siblings. My sisters are into anime, but my little brother is not. But he will be...Doom's Day is coming!!! XD I believe that's about it. If you've stuck around, well, give yourself a pat on the back.