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Haruka Kanata - Naruto(2nd Opening) I love this Song!
Konnichiwa, Watashi Ai Otaku!...and Naruto(BEST ANIME IN TEH WORLD). I haven't been on in a while and Im coming back with New Art. I've brushed up on my skills (or attempted to) and I've created new stuff. I've done 1 on the computer (kakashi pic) I luv it, but my Manga Studio Trial is OVER! T_T...... Anyway Check out Kakashi Hatake the Copy Ninja Pic! Its my greatest work ! Also be sure to check out another great artist's work, MY SISTERS!(DarkAngelKisa) who is also working on new pics, and even some stuff for you Yaoi fans
^_- Anyway i gotta go draw something Sayonara!