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Arabic - W/English Translation:
Sameh Zoonoobee Allah
{Forgive my sins oh Lord}
Ya Allah {Oh Lord}
S'Lach lanu {forgive us}
Mechilah {forgiveness}

And if our fates have all been wrapped around your fingers,
And if you wrote the script then why the trouble makers? God owns the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, Amen!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

All About Me & Neji
I had to change my bg, I had Roy up there for just too long. I needed a new man!!-lol- I really had to change it though. It seem like everybody was changing for the better, but me. I felt so behind!!!-lol-
Hey, what happened to that "No Child Left Behind" Program? You people just don't care do ya?! Change without me, will ya?!! Fine have it your way!!!....... Just Joking kids, don't get you panties or boxers or briefs[for men of all sorts] in a bunch. Well, see ya!!!
Blessed Be

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Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm not a big person not knowing people and writing them, but I chose to be different this time. My first person I wrote is a guy. I don't know I guess I get along better with men. I like that. I hope he looks as good as his anime character. He knows who I'm talking about. Yes sir! Just felt like starting on l;ine conversations
Blessed Be

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello, my lovely people!! I love Roy Mustang if it wasn't for Hawkeye I would fuck his brains out, and if he wasn't a cartoon. My first day, don't know what to really say, you know how that is. Up here just call me Akira, you can only call me by Akira Flames when I do something funny or if you want to get on my nerves. I blind, happy, and miserable, and no I'm not Gackt! I love gackt only when he's not singing. Except for Fragrance, and some other songs, but between me and you I'd rather go for Dir' en Grey, and L' Arc ~ en ~ ciel. Oh yeah and Gazette, and D'espairsRay. Those are my boys!! But they can't figure out whether they want to be men or women. But I still love them. I must admit Gackt was the shit when he was part of Malice Mizer. But he's still pretty his looks is what's keeping him still famous, not his talent, except for playing. Other that he's alright.
Long Live The J - Rock Gods!!
P.S. Kyoshiro I will one day remember what J - Rock God is who!

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