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Thursday, September 27, 2007

felt like friday
When i got to school: we all had to go to the old gym. hella people were there[obvz] it was insane but at least i found people :]
Homeroom: basically talked with peeps :]
Spanish: boring as hell s0n.
Study Hall: haha went to bio for the lab and yeahh that's basically it.
Bio: lol who knows. took notes or something.
S.S: uhh he was talking and that's it...
English: apparently we have a vocab quiz tomorrow...but we only went over the words one time..whatthefuckever.
Gym: hahaha fun timess with the holy scene :] uh yeah soccer outside and that's that x]
Lunch: mmm<33 basically my friend spilled my vitamin water on me...a little haha. and uhh oh yeah haha "your girlfriends penis is that big?!" lolol i'm still happy that he can take a joke :]
Photography: basically did nothing haha since we couldn't go outside...yeahh
Math: mmm quiz got moved :]...but it's tomorrow -_- lol.
AfterSchool: haha good times with muh d00d. lol. he still hasn't screamed yet...and i told him that i'd keep hassling [lol funny w0rd.] him about it until he screams hahaha xD

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