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Monday, September 24, 2007

haha.woke up...like who knows when but i was tired.
Before Homeroom: found the children. and listening to Pierce The Veil :]<3
Homeroom: haha talked and that's about it.
Spanish: i don't remember...i was that tired.
Study Hall: mmm fun times. haha i sniffed some white out...don't ask i got bored.
Bio: went crazy and shiiit so i can amuse myself and stay up....she thought it was because of the whiteout haha ilu.
After Bio: found my friend.walked with him...he thought it was the whiteout too![i told him the story] i told him my reasons that i needed to keep myself amused..then we talked about HEROES! WHICH COMES ON TONIGHT! FUCKYEA! :D
S.S: pretty much did nothing...like seriously xD
Eng: LMFAO. nothing. she talked with me after class, apparently i was presenting myself as flustered. she was probably only worried that i was talking about her. i bsed my way out of all that shit haha.
Gym: told muh peeps what went down in english. then we were just being retarded haha, oh yess and we have new nicknames now LMFAO iluguys.
Lunch: holykjfsreiuhgr! <33333xinfinity. she came over to tell us not to start the whole lunch room clapping haha we're that cool 8] lol no im kidding. but she really did say that, and then she said that she thought he started it...but we did because we were clapping for him. LMFAO. then we made fun of his[another guy] girlfriend. "your girlfriend has a penis!?!?!" LMFAO. and i can't forget about your dancing haha ohman....what would i do without you guys<333
After Lunch: i walked with him like always..and teased him more about what we said at lunch. i'm glad you can take a joke. and it was funny how people probably thought we were drunk or on something but it was just us laughing and being ourselves xD
Photography: haha i'm glad i found someone to talk to..otherwise it'd pretty much be weird. and it's funny how we never know what we're doing and everything haha.
Math: FIREDRILL!! yess :] haha then uhh whoknows did math stuffs. lolol. yeahh
After School: jumped and was over excited for heroes. and i'm glad you don't think that my overexcitement for everything and nothing at all is a bad thing :]
and trust me..you'll never be able to bottle up all my excitement that's just too much but you can try haha

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