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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

whoo!! four day weekend i'm excitedd!! anyways i woke up at like 5am..ended up going back to sleep in a little and when my mommy woke me up again...my left arm was like fucking paralyzed...it was really weird...
Spanish: was kinda boring, but we have partners and like yeahh me&my partner always finish everything early so it's all good in our hoods, ya digg? :]
Study Hall: actually had homework to doo and our teacher was being annoying as usual -_-
Bio: lawlz he wasn't sweatyy. uhh boring...not really sure what happened haha
S.S: went over s.s realted thingss lol idk
Eng: -_- pretty much annoying
Gym: pretty nifty LOL. uhh yeah but it was fun hahaha
Lunch: lololol pretty funnayyy. haha but uhh yeah...then like my two friends started fighting or something?....that was interesting...yeahhyeahh
Photography: haha uhhh nothing really xD
Math: holycheeseonstickonapieinthesun! i was so fucking exciteddd!!!haha but we had a quiz which i finished early and yeahh and uhh...yeah at the end i was like i think i'm the most excited, because i like couldn't sit still or anything LOLOLOL :]
AfterSchool: omgg!! haha i saw a lot of people and i was yelling. and i didn't get to walk with my original walking buddy but i did try waiting...but i walked with muh otherr walking buddy insteadd so it was cool :]
yes i'm excited STILL and nothing and no one's going to ruin my mood, i won't let anything get in the way of my happiness and excitement :]

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