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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

   [Game] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi English Patch
[Posted @ 12:02 AM]
A quick short post =D The english patch for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi [The 3rd one with Mai x Reo] is out!!!

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi.
You blockhead, what are you waiting for!? Grab it @

A Kiss For The Petals – Joined In Love With You

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi
English translation at axypbworld.wordpress.com


[Signing off @ 12:10 AM]

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   It's Time - Stefanie Sun Yan Zi
[Posted @ 10:58 PM]
After 4 years of waiting ... IT'S TIME [是时候] for STEFANIE SUN 孙燕姿!
Stefanie Sun's 11th Album, It's Time was released on 8th March 2011 [Yes I'm late in reviewing her album =x], if you still haven't gotten your copy yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GO GET IT NAO!!!

It's Time - Stefanie Sun Yan Zi.

I think there are limited copies [with red sticker] and the red sticker entitles you YanZi's signature if you go to her autograph session on 1st April 2011, yeah it's no April's Fool joke.

For those with no red stickers on their copies ... well, I'm not sure if you can get her signature [most probably queue up behind those with red stickers], keep your receipt and make sure your copy is the SG/TW version, NOT the CHINA version. Yes I got two copies and one more from the YanZiUnlimited fanclub which comes with YanZi's signature \O/ WHEEEEEEE should have ordered 2!

It's Time Album [Front].
Bloody awesome, I've waited a long time for this.

It's Time Album [Back].
=O Interesting, feels like I'm unveiling an important letter.

It's Time Album [Inside].
Everything's in black and white, just like life.

It's Time Album.
Album booklet and CD [1].

It's Time Album.
Album booklet and CD [2].

Album Tracks;
01. 世說心語 * – Shi Shuo Xin Yu
02. 追 – Zhui
03. 當冬夜漸暖 *** – Dang Dong Ye Jian Nuan
04. 時光小偷 – Shi Guang Xiao Tou
05. 空口言 **– Kong Kou Yan
06. 明天的記憶 * – Ming Tian De Ji Yi
07. 180度 * – 180 Du
08. 快瘋了 – Kuai Feng Le
09. 愚人的國度 ** – Yu Ren De Guo Du
10. 是時候 ** – Shi Shi Hou + 11 ** [Hidden Track]

itunes Playlist.
I've looped the album 30 times already =D oh and Bad Apple's in there as well lol

當冬夜漸暖 is my favourite song of all followed by 空口言, 愚人的國度 and 11 the hidden track.

Price: HMV - S$26.95; Gramophone - S$24.95; CD-Rama - S$21.95 [As on 16th March 2011]

Also, YanZi's on this week [16th March 2011] iWeekly No. 698.

YanZi on iWeekly No. 698.
Yummy, it's only S$2.

'It's Time' is awesome and totally worth that 4 years wait =D

[Signing off @ 11:40 PM]

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

   IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 22
[Posted @ 5:38 PM]
Hey there! It's been a long time~ 4 months plus to be exact haha. Yeah I'm still here, just that I don't watch anime online/offline anymore ... I don't even read manga much now =A= I guess the 2 (almost 3) years of being away from manga (physically) made me lose interest in touching them ... mm I'm still reading shoujo-ai/yuri mangas (scanlations), not really squealing or trolling over when the next releases are coming out anymore haha.

There are still awesome people out there scanning shoujo-ai/yuri stuff though, kudos and more power to them. Although I might not read/into it much anymore, I still like to come home and read some fluffy (or smutty >D) manga.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

On to whatever I can remember scanlations released in the past 4 months, what's in my shopping cart, what manga I'm desperately waiting for, newly released shoujo-ai/yuri manga and 'should I get them or not!?' list.

New titles scanlations worth a shot;

1. Himawari-san scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- This is pretty cute, I like the clean art style, the oblivious and charismatic Himawari-san xD.

2. Kimi Koi Limit scanlated by Payapaya Scans
- I have the manga and at first I was pissed off at the main character, cos she 'cheated' (by howling another person's name in throes of passion orz) on her current beau. And I liked her beau, main character kinda reminds me of Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi ... GRRRRR.

3. Nobara no Mori no Otometachi scanlated by Yurikai
- This has roughly the same plot as Mousou Honey kinda? Two childhood friends enter high school, the main character meets a Prince-senpai from school and 'fell in love' with her, add some blushes, kisses, groping-- okay maybe no groping, that was a fragment of my imagination lol. Said Childhood friend has a crush on main character for a long time and turn angsty while main character doki-dokis with Prince. I might be too hasty in comparing the two titles because Volume 2 is coming out soon for this series =o and 2 chapters were scanlated.

4. Mousou Honey scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- Okay, this is the title that has the blushes, kisses, groping and no problems there. I WANT MY SMUT who cares if the plots are the same or what! SO THERE. I feel like I'm contradicting myself.

5. Sweet Guilty Love Bites scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- Oh I have this as well and all hail smut~ If you like PWP smut or Yukemuri Sanctuary (same mangaka), this is the title for you on a trashy weekend.

6. HeartCatch PreCure Doujinshi - Heaven is Just There scanlated by Payapaya Scans
- OZMG, a smutty (well compared to her other works, this is relatively tame =\) doujin by Myao (Morinaga Milk) of Pretty Cure. I don't watch it but I don't care, I just visualize them as Akko and Mari xD.

7. Blue Friend scanlated by Yurikai
- I'm still raging over the fact that whenever I see Blue Friend #1 in stock in Amazon Japan, the next day I wanna order it along with #2, I HAVE TO WAIT 5-9 days or weeks again =A= WHY!? It was in stock the other day! Did Japan buy everything in less than 24hrs!? DAMN YOU JAPAN/SHUEISHA, PRINT MOAR DAMMIT. That happens every time I go in Amazon Japan to add stuff in my cart =\

In Shopping Cart;

- Actually I'm not sure if I should get Basute Tishan ... the samples/preview I saw were boobies everywhere and looked hilarious haha, like a snippet from Girls' High.

Newly Released & Waiting List;
Newly Released & Waiting List.

- The newly repackaged Girls Love (was Yurihime Wildrose) looks set to be as smutty as its predecessor, check out some of the samples/previews here at yuri_amagasa. And I really like Kuru Yome, ah you can also preview a chapter from the official Tsubomi website. Click on the cover and then look for 'お試し読み'.

Wondering List;
Wondering List.

- The Wildrose Re:Mix are basically a compilation of a couple of stories from Yurihime Wildrose, no idea which, most probably not getting them since I has all 6 Volumes of them ;D and it was given 1 sad star in Amazon Japan ;_;

I guess that's al-- NO WAIT, almost forgotten about GIRLFRIENDS drama cd \O/ yeah yeah, I know it was released uuuhh almost a month ago? And I did mention about it in my facebook status haha but meh I'll upload the cover just for the kicks.


Like most drama cds, it follows pretty closely to the manga so I don't think there's a need for word for word translations. I'm still looking for websites to buy it though =\ and willing to accept my credit card GRRRRR.

With that, comes the end of this blog post, hopefully the next update is not another month away ... mmmm =x

[Signing off @ 6:56 PM]

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

   Amazon Japan and USA Purchases September 2010 Part 2
[Posted @ 3:10 PM]
IT'S TEN TEN TEN! And my birthday \O/

YES! MY FUJINO SHIZURU WAVE FIGURINE IS HERE~ xD along with Marimite OVA 4th Season DVD, Yurihime Wildrose #6 and Line.

Pictures intensive post ahead! A few selected shots from my StarCruise Virgo trip and sample snapshots of my Amazon Japan Purchases! Click read more to view them =D

How can one not get fat from this luxury!? TELL ME!!

Next up as promised, I've snapped 14 shots of my purchases from Amazon Japan. You can request a few more pages from any title if you wish but I do not want to damage my books so don't ask for proper book scans. Just holler in the comments section, for example - "I WANT PAGE 56 of [title of book] PLUZ" and I'll take a shot of pages 56-57 or 55-56 depending on the positioning of the page requested. I'll take a max 3 requests for each title, not including what I've posted. ENJOY!

1. スリーピングビューティーの見た夢 by 四ツ原フリコ;

2. ラブフラッグ★Girls!! by 高橋依摘;

3. 少女ホリック by 青井はな;

4. キミ恋リミット by 百乃モト;

5. くちびるに透けたオレンジ by ロクロイチ;

6. sweet guilty love bites by 天野しゅにんた;

7. フィダンツァートのためいき by 田中琳;

Anddd, not to forget; 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Fujino Shizuru Wave Version

Hope you liked the previews, if you want moar, request a page in the comments section! =D

[Signing off @ 4:47 PM]

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

   Shezaei Neko's ShizNat Fanart Contest
[Posted @ 3:10 PM]
On behalf of Shezaei-Neko, I'm here to promote a ShizNat Fanart contest that she's holding based on the ShizNat fanfics she had done. If you have been reading her fanfics, what are you waiting for? DRAW HER SOME SHIZNAT FANART NAO! If you're new to her fanfics, check out the list of ShizNat stories on her fanfic profile here and you can also find more details about the contest at her LiveJournal =3

1st Place: A Natsuki Figure and the newest Doropanda TOURS Doujinshi - Kanjou Seibutsu EX [OMG!]
2nd Place: A Gashapon Midori Figurine
3rd Place: A Mikoto Key Chain

The deadline for this contest is on 20th November 2010 so get drawing now! =D

[Signing off @ 3:23 PM]

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Friday, October 1, 2010

   Amazon Japan and USA Purchases September 2010
[Posted @ 11:03 PM]
=O Singpost exceeded my expectations lol, paid on 29th September and got my parcels [All 5 of them!] today! Even though those 5 parcels were already sitting in SG for days, still! I expected them to dig out my parcels and deliver next week or something haha. Anyways, they didn't, so good work to them!

Click continue reading more if you wanna see what's inside that hugeass amazon jp package lol.

Meh, it sucks that vPOST upped their vJPN shipping charges [$2/kg] but I got a 25% discount [Around $30!], still it's expensive overall. I might be switching to AmazonJPN's International shipping instead. vUSA is still awesome, with US exchanges rates low, I get my HxB #6 at around S$16 including shipping charges.

21 [1 more coming soon] bloody manga! It was a heavy parcel, almost 7kg! I'll post some sample/sneak pages of each title later cos I'm busy rolling around on them eh I mean reading them haha.

Bought Loveless #3 and #4 because of KouyaxYamato ♥ and also, a book and my copy of Marimite Season 4 DVD are coming up soon, most probably next week. I'mma bring HxB to my cruise this Sunday YAY.

Alrighty, going back to reading, cya!

[Signing off @ 12:30 AM]

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

   [Game] Fuguriya's Hanahira!
[Posted @ 1:54 AM]
Back from Malaysia \O/ and I'm too sleepy to listen to what the characters in Fuguriya/Huguriya's [ふぐり屋] new yuri game Hanahira! [はなひらっ!] were saying. Just rapidly clicking through it with a -_- expression lol.

Source at yamibo as usual and if you have problems playing the game, please see this guide on how to play hanabira and hopefully the solutions listed there can help you =D

Enjoy! I'll update the post later.

Updated @ 26/09/2010, 7:10 PM Click ShizNat to read more =3

I kinda like the Makoto and Koharu pairing more so than the main Amane and Kaori pairing probably because of image below;

Makoto has a wild imagination and I approve (Y)

Haha, there were a few of them, Makoto wondering what would it be like if Koharu welcomes her home from work in an apron and asking her if she would like to have dinner or take a bath first or eat her ... oi oi they're just kids. Ehem, anyways, it was a cute game but a little too long? I was just rapidly clicking away while playing FB app games =x and only stopped at some Makoharu scenes.

I loled at the scene where Makoto fainted when she saw Amane and Kaori in this suggestive position =o;

Hmmm, got distracted by F1 on tv. Ah, was on yamibo this afternoon and saw this thread introducing a yurilicious manga/webcomic? titled Momo to Botan to Yuri no Hana [桃と牡丹と百合の花] Lilies in Sasanqua. Despite the ridiculously long name, it was an interesting read, the art style's nice and the main character's hilarious with amusing expressions.

Sources from FlexComix Web ; Yahoo Japan.

There are currently 3 chapters but I think there will be an update every week on Tuesday? [28/09] Well, I hope that there will be a volume compilation cos I would definitely buy it =3 ... that is if the main character doesn't have other love interest all of a sudden.

[Signing off @ 2:09 AM]

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

   First Purchase @ ChuangYi Online Store
[Posted @ 4:22 PM]
A quick review of ChuangYi's online store before I head off to Malaysia [Genting Highlands] for 4 days.

They are mostly backlogs which my lazy brothers missed purchasing for me when I was studying in Australia. So this online service is good for those who have difficulty searching for old releases at a local comic store or you're just plain lazy and don't want to to go out lol. However not all old releases can be added to the shopping cart. I think if you want older releases or titles not found in the online store, you can email them and ask for a quote.

Oh look, they give freebies too, an Ouran High School Host Club ... doormat, a rather rough looking handbag and some nice bookmarks. They also have this credits system where you get 1 credit ($1) discount for every $10 you spend with them. I've gained 23 credits from this purchase =x The downside is that they only have paypal [credit/debit card] as their payment option but it's easy to apply for a debit card [with visa/mastercard] these days so I guess it's alright.

Delivery service; Placed the order last week [14], took them 2 business days [16] to check the stocks and reply back to me. Paid on the same day they replied and delivered today [22] actually they could have delivered yesterday but I missed their calls or was my hand phone switched off? No idea but yeah I checked my mail in the afternoon and saw the email they sent me. So it was my bad xD, felt kinda bad haha but the guy was polite and nice about it.

More purchases posts to come when my stuff from amazon comes, probably at the end of the month \O/ awesome early birthday presents from me to me! LOL. I had to cancel one book and miss several others [GAME OVER, Blue Friends, Shitsurakuen #4, Ren'ai Joshika etc] from amazon jp because the estimated delivery dates were too late, vPOST only allows 14 days free holding time. I'll just order them another time. Besides, I want to make it in time for the 25% shipping charges discount [vPOST Japan & using OCBC credit/debit cards only] ending this month!!! *is a happy blessed chicken*

More last minute packing, cya soon.

[Signing off @ 4:50 PM]

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

   IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 21
[Posted @ 2:00 AM]
Hmmm, I'm beginning to like blogging in the middle of the night. A quick Doropanda Tours [どろぱんだTOURS] aka Nanzaki Iku [南崎いく] update! A revised version of Kanjou Seibutsu XX [感情生物XX] now named as Kanjou Seibutsu EX [感情生物EX] was released [click はい] a month ago.

A kind soul uploaded the coloured cover, back page and a side note in yamibo. There is also another ShizNat doujinshi in the same thread =3. Oh, and please DO NOT upload the pictures elsewhere, the poster stated that the images are strictly shared only in the forum. I did a little googling and found the below images on a Japanese Yahoo Auction website. Again, these images are not mine, they belong to their respective owners although Kanjou Seibutsu XX 1&2 were taken by me lol. Sauces here; Yahoo Auction Site 1 ; Yahoo Auction Site 2

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Kanjou Seibutsu XX [感情生物XX] and Kanjou Seibutsu EX [感情生物EX] both share the same contents except the latter was outlined and inked? I don't really know the terms but yeah you get what I mean. Nevertheless I like the sketch copy one *biased because she has it* =P

PS: Oh and it looks like there are new Fuguriya works ... no, sadly it's not Hanabira ... it's HanaHIRA lol and it's SFW =O Use a free Japanese proxy server [Like anonymouse.org] to view the images in the site. The characters look cute but meh too loli for my taste haha.

[Signing off @ 2:36 AM]

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Monday, September 13, 2010

   IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 20
[Posted @ 1:15 AM]
IchigoYuri TGIF Updates is not TGIF anymore ... like that's unusual hah. I haven't been posting on Fridays since the time I can remember ... hmmm I think I was busy chilling out during fridays but that's not the point of this post. Aaaaand now I'm being distracted by debit cards ... thinking of applying OCBC's YES card now hmmm then I don't have to use dad's credit card to purchase stuff--- WHAT AM I SAYING!? I MUST USE HIS! *laughs hysterically* I must be going insane in this room.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Oh yeah, as I was saying, busy, fridays ... yes, remember that Updates 19 nearly two months ago? I still haven't order anything from amazon yet so I've decided to order stuff this afternoon but my mum whisked me off to malaysia with uncle so my plan was dashed. Now I'm sitting comfortably in front the computer doing my stuff [US dollar is all time low against the Singapore dollar too!] then I realized that my shopping cart has only TWO pathetic books in amazon US. TWO, I would save more time and money going to Kinokuniya and purchasing Hayate x Blade #6 and Venus Versus Virus #8 [END] there ... if they have it UGHHH.

So nevermind, I added Line in too since I like the art style, I also added Loveless #3 and #4 just because I like Kouya x Yamato so that's 5. I looked at Amazon's recommendations and oh, Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 4 DVD collection is out too! Added, 6. Still cracking my head what's missing, I looked up to my SAY [Shoujo-Ai/Yuri] shelf and ah, Your & My Secret #6 is in stock with #7 coming out this November and that's 7. Thinking to myself that maybe there might be more Hayate x Blade volumes after 6 coming out since Seven Seas have been on a 4 months release interval and they said that they were discussing on #7-8 licenses last year. So I checked SS's site and guess what? They have Hayate x Blade Omnibus Collections lined up on their Release Schedule instead! My first thought was 'Wha---?' Second thoughts were 'WHAT THE FUCK! NOOOO! IS THIS GOING TO BE A STRAWBERRY LINE DRAMA HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN!?'

Despite the assurance, one can't help but feel a little uneasy over this. So what if the omnibus marketing campaign fails? Are they going to scrape HxB out of their line? Yeah despite them claiming HxB's not part of the failed Strawberry Line. I do understand, come on, would anyone want to associate a product to a failed marketing strategy? Don't get me wrong here, I still like Strawberry Panic! [I have a strawberry as my mascot for god's sake!] even though the anime was chessy [after re-watching it a while ago haha], the manga was on hold and the novel was completed but SS dropped it because of reasons I don't want to know, really, does it matter now? It's either licensing rights or money and both. So I've got #1 and #2 of the novel with no idea how SP ended in the novel. Guess I have to go pick up Japanese to read the last novel by myself.

I really enjoyed reading the English translated novels but I don't see them changing their minds since the SP fad was already over = no feasibility to continue any longer. But hey, at least they're releasing a Strawberry Panic! manga Omnibus with Chapter 13 and 14. *Feels a lot better now* So, with rants aside, we can't do anything but let them solve the licensing issues between themselves, all we can do is to hope or just learn Japanese. Meh, I'm purchasing more Japanese manga than English-translated already \O/

If you're a regular stalker/lurker at this blog, you might have noticed I've changed the template and it took me ... almost two days to perfect it. Hey, I need to eat, sleep, poo too =^= Here are the changes to make your life better navigating around IchigoYuri;

1. Awesome drop-down menu, hugeass RSS and tweet icons, tweetable link on every post and real-time twitter updates;

2. Scrolly Ferris Wheel Amazon widget, nicer related posts with picture thumbnails, linkys are moved to the right side and commenting system changed;

3. Using Disqus as commenting system so that you can subscribe, like and expand/hide a thread in a post. Latest comments, popular posts and followers located at the bottom of every page;

4. At each Menu Page, for example the new Morinaga Miruku Menu Page, I've changed the javascript to enable a new window to pop out when you click for easy assess. Yeah, I've been putting this off for ages haha, my apologies to those who had difficulties with this;

Guess this is it. I'll try to blog more, I've been a huge ass lately but that's me, cya until then ... ah probably when I get my purchases lol.

[Signing off @ 3:27 AM]

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