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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Im not feeling good today!

hi everybody i will still get to everyones site today but i dont feel good.But Akayo said he would stop by to make sure im alright so YAY!I love him and hes not even my boyfriend but i wish he was!LOL well you all have a good day *cough*sorry.ttyl*hugs you all*

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

helo everyone i am getting ready to go to class and today i get see cutey AKAYO
Girls im sorry but i love him he is really hottttttttt!i will get to everyones site today so i will ttyl*hugs*a cat-girl with blue hair and silver-gray cat ears and tail.
PLayful cat! You are the playful cat! Fun-loving
and slightly crazy describe you best! You
always like to be where the party is and always
are the funny one in groups. You are probably a
very active person and very nice to ALMOST

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Monday, April 4, 2005

This is true i love Akayo!!!!!He is a cutey
Sakura: You're Sakura. You spend alot of your time
fawning over the person you like most. But
you're also an intelligent person, who can
really come through when needed.

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   Hi everyone this is my firstday so please be nice
hello everybody i am a friend of Akayo Kanachis and i love that boy!He is sooooooooo cute!i wish he was my bf lol.I am getting ready to go to school so i will be back later.Do any of you know Akayo?Girls he is a hearthrob!

Me and Akayo one day i hope lol *blushes*

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