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Friday, July 8, 2005

   He is leaving
well he is going to california tomorrow and im gonna miss him.*cries*I dont want him to go but he needs to get away from all the dumb stuff happening to him he just has the worst luck well i really dont feel tom good today i got cramps well i will ttyl bye bye*hugs tight to all*

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   Destined or bad things
Funny pic

Ok now im mad!!!!!!!! Akayo/kaisen is destined for bad things to happen to him!we were driving yesterday and some guiy i guess who didnt like Akayo from a logtimeback he was coming home and he was driving he stopped at a red light and a big truck pulled up on the side of us on Akayos side.The guy kept looking at him and akayo just laughed and ignored him maybe they hate his laugh or something LOL!!!! but akayos window was down and the guy threw a whole bunch of soda and it splashed all over him.Akayo got really mad and the guys pulled off so Akayo drove after them ,then the police stopped him.They didnt give him a tiket but Akayo almost got one he was trying to explain why he was speeding and that the guys just rode by him and did that and the officer kept telling him to be quiet.So he finally stop yelling and just went home i felt sorry if he seems mad today you know why well ttyl and btw who iseveryones favorite anime person right now/game/story/mine is Tejin well ttly.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

A big argument!
okay me and akayo went to wendys yesterday and Akayo got into a very big argument im just gonna act it out.

Akayo:hello can i order a jr bacon?

worker:we dont have any more bacon

akayo:LOL!!!!!!! you ran out of bacon?ok well can i have a

worker:whats so funny?!

akayo:i just never heard of a fastood place that runs out of meat.LOL!!!!!


akayo:i will order something else can i have a

worker:shut up!dont come in here asking us for anything else.


worker:get the fuck out bitch!

Akayo:grrrrrrrr look im not having a good day can you please give me my food and then i will gladly leave.

worker:im not giving you shit you prettyboy bitch!

Akayo:yo you better stop talking to me like that and just give me my damn food!im trying to be nice.

Worker:BLOW ME!

Akayo:listen here you fat f*** with lady thighs all i want is my food!

Mananger:what seems to be the problem?

Akayo:he wont let me order my food and he said he ran out of bacon LOL!

manager:glares at co worker


Manager:sorry for the inconvience sir you can have it for free.

Akayo:thank you ^^

Manager:come to my office

worker:walks in

manager:shouting,your fired!!!!!

me:LOL!!!!!!!!!!! serves him right.

So we left then i guess Akayo felt bad because he didnt say anything after that.

well you all have a good day i will ttyl can you all check on him i think he is upset about something else

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   He is Back
hey there okay if all of you have been wondering where he is (Akayo Kanachi)he is now Kaisen his last site got deleted ^^But i dont know whats wrong with Akayo he has been like in a sad drought for a couple of days now i am worried about him but if all of you could go to his site and let others know that he is not gone then everything should be okay.he was trying to add all of you back but its hard to remeber all of those people and if you are friends with him can you try to figure out whats wrong with him i haven seen him smile in the longest time-_- well you all have a good day ttyl
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey Im back

hey everyone wassup i was gone for a while sorry somethings i had tro take care of i missed you all.Random question who do you think is nicer Akayo or kenshin.I choose Akayo lol well ttyl.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sorry i have ben gone i have been acting like a real B**** to my friends taking my probems out on certain people lately i apologize to you all who i have been doing that too especially this one special person well i have to go BTW how do you all like better dark or krad well ttyl
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

wassup everyone ^^ i was just wondering and this is for girls if you could date any anime guy who would it be?Im not sure who mine would be lol well ttyl

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Monday, June 13, 2005

   New Theme
oK i had to do dark becuase he is hot lol and i hav ebeen busy lately thats why i havent been here that much lol well i will get to all your sites ttyl
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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

It is hot again today so while we are talking about hot who is the hotter anime guy inuyasha,sesshomaru,miroku,or koga?I chosse sesshmaru *drools*TTYL *hugs to you all*

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

hello i went to the YMCA this morning and you wont believe what happened just check Akayos site lol it was funny!Question:How is your fav anime guy?(girls only)
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