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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   amazing...im on :D
well my mom acctually let me go on today cuz Joelle is here lol Joelle is Tayuya044 or xXDeaThTunEXx or xXHiromiUchihaXx yeah shes made alot XD
but yeah were makin a youtube video...of something...idremember anymore of what we were going to be doin during the video...probably just random crap about school and how much it sucks and how much snow sucks and ya.
oh and we shall be jumpin in the snow and freezing our butts off cuz ya...we're weird...its really warm today like 35 degrees F
I know that sounds cold but its really nice..to us it feels like 55F which may also seem cold but really its very warm...if you lived up here you would know what I'm talkin about so ya.
well i miss all u guys and I'll be back soon in like April cuz im on vacation out of the country in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic so ya and then we have spring break and I'll be in Missouri and I just remembered they have a high speed computer OMG YES! I still dont get why they live in the middle of nowhere and they have high speed and I cant get it out here >_< hate this place....well ya I think this post is long enough so Im gonna stop telling you about my messed up retarded life...so ya
I will be talkin to you guys later in April BYES!! :( man now Im sad....bye.

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