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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   stupidest day in gym, or rather most embarrassing!!
so today bright and early in the morning i got gym -_- hate gym...but neways so i go to gym and we gotta do pull ups and i dont even try so i got stupid 3 done T_T well neways back to the point we were doin stupid relay races, hate those too >_< grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry had to get that out well neways!! so im doin a relay race and then when we got done with that, our teacher comes out and yells, "come grab a scooter!!" and i'm just thinkin...," OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO F***** WAY I AIN'T DOIN THOSE!!!" but i had too. so were goin back and forth on the scooters and im really fast on my knees but neways, then we gotta go on our stomch and i suck at the stomach so i get on there and i forgot to tuck my stupid shirt in so it wouldnt get caught in the wheels and i forgot to put my really long hair up so that wouldn't get caught in the wheels T_T so neways im coming back from our checkpoint and a lil bit of my hair gets ripped off cuz it got caught so i'm sittin there pulling my hair out and at that point i put it up finally, but then i keep going pretty fast i guess and my shirt gets caught in the wheel and rips and get totally torn off 8O!!!! i kinda stood there for a minute in total shock. and by that point EVERYONE saw me just standing there in my bra...T_T then i finally ran into the locker room and changed...although now i got a very embarrassing story to tell lol XD haha
so how r all u guys??

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