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Monday, September 17, 2007

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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Internet and other things
Well I had to do bathrooms anyway! D: Two days later the manager returned and got me immediately. -sigh-
Actually it wasn't that bad! I had a nice big chance to keep my distance from people!! Yay! I work 1730 to 2230 today with Orochisnake again so time should fly right by. i also hope it doesn't rain....Its been raining around here alot lately.

Wagh! My Internet is being stupid! I can't make it to anyones site right now sadly but I can post this! O.o Weird.

I have a new site that I'm going to be using for fan fictions and such. Its called 'Explosive Art' check it out guys please! ^^ The site is still under going construction though. :D

FMA CHAPTER 73 WAS REALLY FULL OF SEXY KIMBLEE-SAMA-NESS!!!!!!!!!! *fangirls* He is soooo awesomely hotness. ^^ Hee Hee. Now I sound like ChristianOtaku. XDDDDDDD

I got some new games for my DS again. Animal Crossing Yay! And a new one out called Hoshigami. Animal Crossing I have almost beaten but playing it for three days straight kind of bored me out. Hoshigami Orochisnake stole(XD) Because its a tactics game and she really likes tactic games. (so do I) I know I'll get it back so I don't mind. :d

OMG I HEARD FROM A GUY FROM THE GAME STORE I GOT MY GAMES FROM THAT THEY ARE GOING TO CONTINUE THE FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST SERIES!!! I think its going to just be Edward Elric in our world and so on though. -.- Thats what he said anyway. Not to PUT ANYONES HOPES UP. XDD I so hope its true...


You must have rain AND sunshine to make a rainbow.

(I forgot the person who said this)

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