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Here's my little plummy darling she is soo cute ^_^
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   Art trades and requests finally here?
I am drawing them today since I am bored as crap and I am going to scan and upload them asap!!!

YEAH!!I am happy with myself so I can get these out of the way!!!
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Akane ^^

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

   Hey !! Happy V-day (late, but I hope yours was as magical as mine) and good news!
(Sorry I havent been on I had a HUGE report on the emotion love in physcology!! ughh)

Guess what peopel who are reading this?!?! I got a puppy!! he's a sweet wittle jack rustle terrier named Hammy (aka Hamilton!!) he's soo adorable but por thing is getting fixed today!!...

My cat doesn't like him much and visa versa they actually hate eachother I hope nuetering him will calm him down.... V.V

My valentines day was soo magical! I'll fix this post and write after I walk the dog....

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Hey again sorry I couldn't get on
Again it's not much of an excuse but I'm reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllly busy!!

VAlentines day is coming up soon I am sooo excited! I sent some valentines to my friend and I'm going to dress all pink on wednesday ^^

I need help though my art is oka ybut I just cant place the eyes if any of you perople can help me to learn how to change the eyes or make up an eye please pm or post!

whats your favorite valentine treat?

do you have a crush?

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

   I'm back X_X
Hey there I'm back and I'm soo sorry! I had exams which I got 2 A's 2 c's and the rest B's! I am so dumb.... V.V

but anyway I had a Dance and I wore my lovely black dress but no date, he was in Wintergreen skiing *.*

but anyway it was fun and I partied hard till the very last song! Then my friend was being stalked by a dirty mexican who wanted a picture of her my friend Alex hid her behind the chorus room door and I yelled at him and punched him into next week! no one messes with my adopted child! ^^( just kidding she's my really short, really cute friend who looks like she's 11 but she's actually older than me, go figure) but she said that was the funnest part of the night !!

Well my family got a new monitor for the computer and I'm pissed at my brother because he's selling his ps2!

Plus he always acts like he's soo emo and soo cool, YUCK! makes me wanna puke but I wont ^^ but anyway he's being a REAL pain in the buttocks and he's such a poser...

but on another note I found my wallet and I can go shopping again, Yey shopping! and I am making my valentines and my art lessons are tomorrow ^^ WOOHOO yeah for art

I am now trying to pick which summer camp I should go to, thereis :
Camp Strawderman
Camp Rim Rock
Camp Friendship
Camp Staunton meadows
they are all near a river and I really want to try horse back riding it sounds really fun ^^ my frind goes to strawderman but the shortest time you can spend there is two weeks! I would die with out cell phones or internet but I would be okay I guess ^^ tell me what you think okay? Maybe you go to the same one or something pm me about it ^^

I went bowling last night and there was this adorable little baby girl named taylor who was bowling in the lane next to us and she got a better score than my mom ^^U my dad got the best score in the whole alley I got 3rd place in the first game with 99 points and in the second game I came in second with 115 ^^ (of corse the scoring was only against my family)

Well pm me please I am REALLY bored as a 2X4!! >.<

Whats your favorite color?

If you could choose a color of a valentine heart which would you want?

Favorite candy?


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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hey I'm sorry I've been REALLY busy!!
Well my brother came home ^^ *yeah* and he changed alot but I am still happy that he's home now ^^

then I had exams the whole week (which I know I failed V.V) which I did not like at all

then I got a cold and I couldn't get on at all!

I am glad to be back on and I'm sorry to every one who has pmed me and I didnt answer this whole week! Please feel free to pm me now!

Well Yester day my friend bought a dress that was too small and she couldn't return it so she gave it to me, I was expecting an ugly pink dress but it was a lovely flowy black strappless dress! I am in love with it! and I have to say I look abslutly gorgeous in it ^^ and now I dont have to worry about getting one for the Valentine's dance!

I baked brownies yesterday and I love them alot ^^ lol sorry I'm just rambling
heres some questions for you:

What is your favorite pastry? ^^

Favorite video game?


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