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Hey! I like anime. and drawing! Welcome? I guess! Okay, I'm done. ^_^. Whoo, go naruto! and sasuke..and neji..and shikamaru!! <3

Oh, and if you would be so kind as to signing the book of guests or leaving a comment...i'd be EVER so happy. ^-^. Yeah, right, i don't talk like that...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

   And how long has it beeeeen????
WOw.. yes, well i'll start of this post by saying that Superman Returns is an awesome movie..and not because it just came out, but i think it beat a lot of the movies i've seen and it just might be my favorite movie now, haha. anyway...i submitted three pics today! yay. its hot over here and it feels humid and stuff like in hawai'i, but the difference is hawai'i is better to go to right now, haha. it's cool.

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

and thus...its been how long till my last post? O_O. Let's see. What has happened these past months.....

went to hawaii during the summer for a missions trip...muy fun. worked on backdrops that were HUGE...fun fun

still too broke to buy any source of anime and manga, etc.

moved into my new house...that is unfortunately closer to my school...ididn't wanna move in the first place, but oh well

got a new computer ^_^ me happy

still haven't gotten a new drumset...but its pending

wishing for vacation already...even though its only been like two months after starting school..

Drawn lots o drawings, but my scanner doesn't work..therefore...no scanning...^_^

Welps....hmm....i'm sleepy....playing world of warcraft till late.....not good.

^ Tired. Let me sleep ^ enhanced this on adobe ...just some lighting here and there...mostly there

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Monday, March 21, 2005

   Spring Break!!
Bwahah! Yay, first official day of spring break!! finally...a vacation...even if it's only two weeks.....BUT i still have a butt load of HW.....>_<. i have a feeling i'm gonna be working on it last minute-ly.....oh weeeelll....anyway, how's everything been going?? its pretty cool here...weather has been weird...hot on some days and cloudy rainy the next....O_O. haha, today i didn't do much even though it's vacation...i'm thinking about doing some drawings....and i wanna try out some painting..hMmMm....anyway, till later!!


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