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hello everyone and welcome to my site.let me tell you a little about myself.
location:Norway.i justlive here.
i like to make lots of friends andleran diffrent languages.i would l\ove to know about my firends and help hem with naything they need.

Anime:inuyasha,DN Angel,haruhi suzumiya.

if u want to be my friends and want to know about me more then never hesitate to take help and to pm me.=^-^=.i'll definatly answer'em.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

!Hey How is everyone?
Don¨t have much to say today so why not you guys tell me what has been going on your life i really would love love to hear it.
And tell me what manga are you guys reading or have read or about any anime you have watched recently.
I¨ll pray that you have a great day.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

!Hello everyone i a so happy to see that most of my friends came back ...........!!!
I am so sorry about mot coming online but i have been online but didn't post on myotaku.
So plz forgive me.^^*

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I know that i have posted after so many days and i am really sorry....v.v i hope u guys will forgive me.

i have been recently reading a manga which is ok but i like some characters in it.The manga is called *Akumo to the love song*.Its still pending.If u guys wanna looks at it u can go to onemanga.com.I ALSO HAVE WINTER VACATION FOR ONE WEEK!only.*LOL*
I really don have any fun activity to do.WAT DO U GUYS PREFER TO DO.

THIS PIC IS FOR THE VALAEBTINES DAY BUT IT IS A SAD PIC. if u see closely u can see that the girl is a ghost..I i just put it cause it inspired me.^^But i wil always wsh u guys lot of happy valentines...

Take care of urself and the one who is most important to u friend etc..
take care

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

!hey friends!!
Gow are you all?I hope you all are fine.
well i am totally not ok at alll.*cries*
I have been having so much problems.Well it is all the time same with me.>___<
My biggest problem is that my father doesn't take me to the dentist.I tried every everthing..!!I want to put bracess but he says thta they are very ecpenssive.But the embasst will pay half of it.I just still don't knoew what is the problem.*sigh*
Icannnot sleep all night jsut because of this.
Oh i am soory u all.Ithink i made u so bred.What can i do fell so sad.TT_TT
Ok leave my problems i think i lost all my hope.

Ho was ur weekend?
how did u guys spent it?
Take care and sorry for not being for so much TIME.*bows*
have nice day:):):):)

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

   !hey everyone!:)
how are you?

well i ahve really bored these days.-.-becayse......i didn't have any good anime to watch.just few days ago,i watched this anime called Mermaid Forest.its was so so but i really likes the main characters in it.Yuta and Mana.the anime is short of 13 episodes.but it has all this killing and bloodshed stufff.after that i didn't have any anime to watch .i am really searching for one.i want to see a good animeplzz if u guys can help me by telling the name of ur fav aniem or anime that u think is good.=, letme know it.:)
thank you.

have a nice day!=]

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