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k first of all, please don't make cracks about us living in grass shacks and wearing coconuts...it's getting old, we are CIVILIZED AS YOU CAN SEE...obviously bcuz i'm on the computer.

So n-e-way thanx for visiting my site. If you sign my gb i promise to check out your site, and sign yours as well.

i apologize ahead of time for my site being kinda plain and all...ya...also if you give me comments i'll try to comment on yours wen i come on. If i don't get to urs please don't b offended, cuz i'll get to it...SO ENJOY! ^^

By the way...if there r n-e words (like local words) in my post dat u don't no jus pm me and i'll xplain what it means.

Friday, January 25, 2008

   I'm still here!
Wow...i jus realized dat i havnt been on for a long time as usual. I really wish i could get on more :( oh well...one day wen i get my laptop :D
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Friday, October 5, 2007

   Hey Hey!
so any way kiddy grade is about these two girls-lumiere and eclair- who work for this company and they both have their own powers and they go on missions and stuff but then this company that they work for is trying to prevent them from getting their past memories and stuff...ya its good. so hows evry1? im doing great...i wanna save up so that i can get my own laptop...my brother gets irritated cuz im always bugging him to let me go on. heres some ?'s
1. if there were any kind of powers ud want, wat would it b?
2. if u could b any anime character who would it b?
3. if u could be "In" an anime wat would u b in?
4. any1 like afi? and if so whats ur favorite song or album?
das all for now ttyl!!^^

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

   Hey all!!!
Man i havn't been on for quite sum tyme...3 whole months to b exact...ever since i graduated i havn't been on. life after sku is not so bad but i don't think i like it...rite now i'm in my frens bridal party so this will b different i finally was able to get kiddy grade its pretty interesting...well i should go and visit later!
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