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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hatake Kakashi
-Mirror ninja
-Copycat Ninja

Age-26(when naruto was 12-13)

6ft. 150lb.

Fav. Food-Grilled Sanma(mackerel)with salt,Eggplant Miso Soup.
Least Fav. Food-Tempura.


Your past life (before you fell in love): You and Kakashi were best friends thinking each other as friends, and nothing more. By the time you were 13, your parents had died and you were living with your uncle and aunt. You had a happy life, for the most part, until a silent murderer killed your aunt and uncle and two cousins. They were your last living relatives, so the Hokage said that you could just live on your own, seeing as you were 13. You lived in your aunt and uncles apartment and lived on your own. You and Kakashi were still friends, but you had grown apart and became friends with Kurenai (sp?) and Anko. Kakashi became friends with Iruka and Asuma. You never really talked to each other, until one day.
How you realized you loved him: You were on a mission with only Kakashi, since it was just to go to the Hidden Mist village to deliver a message. You were both 15 and could take care of yourselves easily. While you were walking Kakashi said You remember when we were little kids? Yeah, why? you said wondering why he brought that up. We used to be best friends. I wonder what happened. Now we barely talk to each other. I know. Kakashi, why did we grow apart? you asked with sadness in your voice. I dont know____. You blushed and looked away. Oh my God, did I just blush?! you screamed in your head. Do I really like him? you were confused. You both got to the Hidden Mist village safe and you came back to the Hidden Leaf village safe too. Along the way, all you two talked about was just random memories and topics. You realized you liked Kakashi, a lot.

Your love story: You were at a party (you can guess where this is going) and someone decided to play 7 minutes in heaven, only it was changed to 1 hour in heaven. You were nervous, seeing as you probably wouldnt get who you liked (*cough* KAKASHI *cough* sorry). You pulled a piece of paper from the hat and looked at it. White or blank. Kakashi stood up and you came close to fainting. Kurenai (sp?) pushed you into the closet and slammed the door. You jumped and landed in Kakashis arms. Oh, sorry you said springing up from his arms with a red blush tinting your cheeks. Its okay. he said calmly. 10 minutes went by when you said Because its tradition do you think we should ummm you were embarrassed because you just couldnt spit it out. Kiss? Kakashi finished for you. Uh yeah I think that that would be a good idea. he said getting up. He walked over to you and kissed you passionately. Your legs turned to jell-o, and Kakashi caught you without breaking the kiss. He licked your lip slowly, as if he wasnt exactly sure of himself. You let him in and kept kissing. You both broke away for some much needed oxygen. You hugged him and said I love you, Kakashi. I love you too,Ai. he whispered in your ear. For the next half-hour you cuddled and talked about random things.

Your future together: You became a jonin at the same time Kakashi did. One day after a LONG mission with your students, you were lying on the grass listening to your iPod (I know that these arent in the Naruto world, just bear with me). Your favorite song I dont Wanna be in Love was playing. You thought to yourself Im glad that I am in love with Kakashi. You had been going out with him for 10 years now. You just began to doze off when you felt someone stand next to you. You opened your eyes and saw Kakashi standing there looking down at you. Hey, whats up? you asked sitting up. I need to ask you something he trailed off. Sure, what is it? Do you love me? it came out more like Doyouloveme? Of course Kakashi, why do you ask? He got down on one knee and opened a ring box to reveal a beautiful blood red diamond ring, will you spend the rest of your life with me? Of course, Kakashi. Tears were streaming down your face as you pulled him into a hug. You married 6 months later and eventually had 2 girls. Yours, you name them yourself.

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Grrrr!!!All my pics are old!Need new ones!!
Anime fall
Anime Girls
anime angel
Angel Anime
anime war angel
dark anime angels
anime angels

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Friday, January 4, 2008

anime fairy
fairy anime

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Friday, December 28, 2007

*Rubs eyes*Geez it's been tireing ever since I started the HappySkittleClub with my sister..I can't blink because I'm scared they won't open back up..
sleepy!!Sleepy Anime Girlsleepy!!
......I start early and dont go to sleep until it starts getting light out......
sleeping anime
..it really sucks to when your nodding off all day...I'm gonna kill my sis soon if she doesn't start holding her side of the weight...I think I'll just wait..when she's in the purfect sleep mode..and then..
...............JUMP ON HER!!!!!!!

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