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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey guys!!!

Hey, how are you guys? i'm sooo sorry that i haven't written in so long and i haven' visited your sites, but i can't open this from home, for like months now, and now i'm at school, in the middle of computer class ;P but it opens from school.
Well, school started for me again, but my classes were better last year. I'm taking a lot of english and computer classes, i'm taking programming!
Sorry about any mistakes, but i'm writing really fast cause the teacher is walking around, and class is almost over.
Well i hope i get some comments on this post, and i'll try to visit as many of your sites i can have time to.
Hope you guys have fun back to school!!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hey guys!!!

Long time no see!!! How is everyone?? So what's everyone doing this summer...i've been kinda busy, and my comp. crashed...AGAIN!!!! this time it was my brother and his stupid games!!!! But that's ok, i'm at the library...
Anyways changed theme! Hope you guys like this one, cause it's gonna be an Inuyasha/Sesshomaru theme for a while :)
well talk to you guys again soon.
take care.

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Hey guys, sorry it's been a while, but i;ve been busy T-T well, i hope you all had a good weekend...I went to Turnabout (it's a dance where the girl asks the guy and she pays for everything) it was sooooo much fun!!!! I dance the whole time for like 3 hours!!!! but now it seems like one of my other friends is mad ;) actually it's kinda funny, cause first she (kelsey) invites, and then she starts talking about how there are too many people and how we are odd numbers, so i'm like i'm not going, and she doesn't insist. But then another friend said she really wanted me to go wth her and so i agree, and i saw Kelsy there, and i talked to her and all and she seemed fine, but today she was all mad and she said that i should've danced at least half the time with her and stuff, and she was just standing there talking not even dancing. I don't really care, but you have to see her, i think she's acting like a little child :)
anyways sorry about the long post, and hope you have an awesome week :D

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