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The Fro has just recieved this on May 10,2005:

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Thanks to Sitarose, I can show people the immense power of me and chipp in his most helpless form... Chibi!! But beware of his kick ass blade because we'll make mince meat out of any sandwich!

Check out these buttons I thank Me Luv Kyo Kun for the glamorous button of Jean starwind button and swtanimechick for the brilliant bkacj/white magna style button of Miroku.

"The Fro Know,
The Fro Know"!

I bet you're wondering what in the world is this guy talking about. I don't know exactly either but, it sounds nice. Welcome to the site that will be flourishing with popularity.
(who am I kidding)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What am I so busy!?
The Fro has been very, very vusy ever since I got the computer back in tip top condition. Now I'm preparing to host a tournament Those things take forever and it pays pretty well. The ones I do take a couple days and then I have to edit, edit and edit. For christmas, I received some sheets. Awesome! Now I have a three set. My cousin says Sante Clause was mad at me because she got 9 gifts. Hmph what does she know?
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