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Ello dudes and dudets! My name is Affected Touch, my real name is Keiry though. But you can call me by my nick name Sushi! I don't know why everyone calls me that. Well anywho, PM me whenever you wish. XoXoXo

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I havn't logged on DX Anyways your post Nyane is very funny XDDDD Well so far I havn't gotten' lost or anything =S Well it's really early right now I can't sleep >x< Watching South Park when Cartman has Jennifer Lopez as a hand XDDDD Well byez from my world! Wooosh~~~~
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bwahahaha >:]
Bwahaha! I know what happens in Fruits Basket Vol 22 and 23 >:]

Spoilers O__O

1. Kyo+Tohru
2. Yuki+Matchi [However you spell that]
3. Kagura+Ritsu
4. Shigure+Akito
5. Momiji loses the girly clothes! (T-T)
6. Kyo and Tohru break the curse when they admit there feelings
7. Hatori+That teacher
8. Kureno+Uo
9. Shisou+Hanajima [Kyo's new mommy] XDDD
10. Hiro+Kisa
11. Tohru changes Akito then Akito becomes real nice.
12. Akito is a girl
13. Akito is Shigure's daughter O______O

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Got Lost Again
I got lost again, so I went back to the Hotel. I can never find a Sanrio store here. I don't even think theres one. DX NOOOOOO! Stupid me with my Hello Kitty Adventures. 8D XD I give up. I'm tried of gettin' lost. :D
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