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Hi I'm Aethlewynne(notreally) go look it up. I love my dear friend LuminousIceNinja who is sitting beside me this very minute!! I am obsessed with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and fully support ToyaxYukito and KuroganexFye! sexyness!!
wtf! (to all of those who have read to ch 180 and beyond) why does clamp do this to us?!?!?!

anyway... I'm so glad to become a part of this wonderful community! You all are amazing! <3s for all of you!

Friday, February 29, 2008

   Listening to good music!!!
I'm currently listening to this one CD from celtic women! it's friggin awesome!!! ive listened to it for like the past four hours! especially this one song, Send Me a Song! go on youtube and listen to it! now!! also Suil a Run! they're all so good! so feel free to pm me or such! i promise to find a scanner soon and post some art!!
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   No scanner!!
I'm so sorry i don't have anything up... i need to make use of one of my friends' scanners >.<
i will put stuff up soon!!

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