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(Jevee is a perv)
Hello. My name has no profit in you knowing it but you may call my Jevee. I have been on the MyOtaku a few times before and I have enjoyed it. There are nice, honest people here but also there are the not so pleasant individuals. I ask that you not only be respectful to me but to the other people of the Otaku. Thank you so very much .~~Jevee~~

Have fun and leave me some comments to read!!! peace!

Things I hate = EBOLA !!! * shivers *
-greasy, deep fried foods @.@ ( puke )
-When people looking at me like I am a freak. Makes me nervous.
-crowded places
-People being mean to others just to make themselves feel big and bad.
-Mine and other peoples work being insulted

Things I like =
-My pets
-Cookie dough ice cream
-Listening to peoples thoughts and opinions
-Sitting in my room and wondering what is going on at the other side of the world.
-Watching movies then imagining myself in them^^
-Chains& spikes (yes I am a pervert)
-Big old castles and gardens
My biggest like is when some one comes up to you and says something totally random. It makes me feel worm and fuzzy inside. (not really but it makes me really happy for some reason.)

Movies =
Pirates of the Caribbean, Interview with a vampire, queen of the damned, underworld, underworld evolution, all Tim Burton's movies (The guy is brilliant!) Saw 1&2, cabin fever, The hazing, Road Trip, Bruce all mighty, Liar Liar, Me myself and Irene, Ace Venture Pet Detective and When Nature Calls, (yes I love Jim Carrey) basically horror and comedy.

T.V =
ADULT SWIM!!! A haunting, house, bones, Buffy the vampire slayer, angel, Lost, most evil, scrubs, SmallVille, Will &; grace, The Simpsons, Malcolm in the middle, Family guy, south park, Aqua teen hunger force, Robot chicken, celebrity death match, Alias, and American dad.

Books =
every thing from Anne Rice and also Amila Atwater-Rhodes. I like The Daren Shan series, Erogan series by Christopher Poalini, and i have pretty much checked out all the vampire-werewolf books from the library. I have read Dracula 2 times. I also like humor stories like the Louis Rennison series, and the Cathy Hopkins series. At the moment I am reading Ghosts by Hans Holzer. And thans to Tenshin I have had a growing interest in books like CRANK and Go ask Alice. right now I am waiting for Stephenie Meyer's third book. Also I want to read Valiant by holly black.

Lovers end

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Answer: the begger was a woman. ( sorry about this esay one. I got lazy -_-.)

Ok I know I said I wouldn't make a post today but I had alot of extra time on my hands. I got some cool stuff for christmas. What all did you guys get? mmmmm I can't wait till dinner. I love chrismas dinner. I hope you all had a awsome christmas^.^ oh before I forget My bro finally made a otaku. His name is freezing massacre, check him out some time^.^ lol and in honor of my borther here is a pic.

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lol here is a funny story that sucks for robbers; Rory Johnson, 29, was arrested in May for a liquor store robbery in Elkhart, Ind. Johnson had parked in the back of the store to facilitate his getaway but had trouble exiting because of congestion due to road construction. Five minutes after the robbery, he was sitting in his car, having moved only a few feet, and liquor store employees pointed him out to police.

ok are some riddle for you guys^^

1. Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

2. I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?

3. The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?

Well see you all later!^^ pace out.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Answer: I returned on Tuesday. The day before tomorrow is today, Friday. The day after that is Saturday, and four days before Saturday is Tuesday.

Yay^.^ Today is christmas eve! I can't wait untill tomarrow morning! Right now I feel really slugish and tierd for some resone but I just opened my eve gifts.^^ I got a pretty little jewlry box from my papa. It is so beautiful! and I got some clothing ffrom my Aunt Nancy. you all might think I am a little wierd but I LOVE sox! I like colorful ones alot! ^^ I know it is wierd but that is my thing. Well I hope you all have a merry chrismas and a happy new year! here is a little Christmas story!

It was Christmas Eve. The children had hung their stockings by the fireplace and were all snug in their beds.
Sometime during the night, they were visited by a big, jolly, old man dressed in red. You got it, it was Santa Claus!
Santa and his bright red toy bag came down the chimney. This was his last stop of the night. First, he filled each stocking with special treats. Then, for each child, he left some gifts.
"A new bike for Suzie," said Santa, pulling a beautiful pink bicycle out of his bag. "And, a train set for Billy."
By the time Santa was finished his work, he was a little hungry. He spotted a glass of milk and a plate of goodies, sitting on the kitchen table.
"I'll just take one," said Santa, reaching for a piece of chocolate cake. "If I eat too much, I might get stuck in the chimney on my way out."
The cake was so gooey and so good that Santa just had to have another slice. Soon, the plate was empty.
"Oh my!" said Santa, realizing what he had done. "I'm so full now!"
Santa got up from the chair. As he did, he heard it snap in two.
"Oh my!" said Santa again. "I've broken the chair!"
Santa gathered up his bag and went over to the chimney. With a twinkle of his eyes and a twitch of his nose, up the chimney he rose. However, he was only able to get halfway up the chimney before he got stuck. He tried to go further, but the further he went, the more he got stuck.
Oh no!" said Santa. "I'm stuck!"
No matter what Santa did, he could not get out. He dangled in mid-air with his big black boots hanging over the fireplace.
"I'm glad there is no fire on right now," said Santa, after a few hours had gone by. "My feet would get pretty hot!"
Morning soon came. Suzie and Billy were quite anxious to go downstairs and see what Santa had brought them. They both went into their parents bedroom.
"Merry Christmas!" they shouted.
"Merry Christmas, children!" Mom and Dad said.
Within a few minutes, the whole family was downstairs. Suzie spotted the empty plate.
"Santa Claus was here!" she exclaimed. "And, he ate all the goodies."
Billy noticed the broken chair.
"Yeah," he said. "He ate so much that he broke the chair."
Dad was by the fireplace. He had just placed some kindling into it and was about to strike a match, when he just happened to look up. He saw a pair of big, black rubber boots hanging down.
"That's nothing children!" Dad said, tugging on one of the boots with all his might. "Santa is still here!"
The children rushed over to the fireplace. They helped Dad pull Santa out of the chimney. They tugged and tugged and tugged. Finally, down came Santa, with a crash.
"Ho! Ho! Ho!" he rang. "Merry Christmas!"
He was gone in a flash, this time, out the front door.
"What was all the commotion about?" Mom asked, coming out of the kitchen.
"Oh, it was just Santa Claus," laughed Billy. "He was so fat from eating all your baked goods that he not only broke the chair that he was sitting on, but he also got stuck in the chimney!"
The whole family laughed.
A heavy thump, thump, thump was heard on the roof of their house and then a jingle, jingle, jingle and finally, a "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"

That story is cute^.^ here is another riddle; A beggar's brother died, but the man who died had no brother. How could this be? well I will not post on christmas so I will post agian within the next few days^.^ Merry christmas every one!

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