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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   IM BACK!!!!!!!

hi peoplez! im back!!!!! i moved! sorry! but im back now! i missed you guys sooooo much! Pm me please!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hey guys! sorry that i havent been on in a while,but i moved. i still dont have a computer though,im at my frined stephanies house. I'll write more later

Love Always,

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


ey peoplez! i just got a Gaia! my name is Princess Aemi

YAY! well that's it for now be!

Love Always,

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Hi peoplez ^ ^ I just got back from my dads graduation. He went to collage and got a deploma! yay daddy! *huggles him* =3 teehee. it was really cool. When he went on stage skyler and i both screamed at the top of our lungs "WHOO! THAT'S OUR DAD UP THERE!" it was cool =)

OMFG! my toe isnt getting anybetter! My mom said she might have to take me to the doctor! T~T NOOOOO!

so for the last two nights I've spent the night at my freind Stephanie's ^ ^ it was really fun. Skyler tryed to walk in heels (she was practicing for modeling) and she "accidently" stepped on my broken toe like 5 times! and i was like Geez skyler! if my toe wasnt already broken it sure is now! it was really funny (but painfull x.X) lol ^ ^ Last night i stayed up till 8am!!!! I was sooooo tired! XD lol!

So, as you all know,im moving! whoo! i havnt even seen the house yet! but im going to tomorrow (sunday) oh and btw,this post might be dated for sunday (1-6-08) but all this is for 1-5-08,ok? yay!

OMG! skyler got a boyfriend! he's my friends,x-boyfriends,friend. (lol,what a mouth-full!) but the thing is, i think i have a tiny,itsy-bisty crush on my friends x-boyfriend! T~T NOOOOO!

Im going back to school on monday,and im so scared! i feel like i havnt been to school in months but it's really only been two weeks! lol ^ ^

Random question time!

1.do you have a staircase?
2.do you have blue marker?
3.do you like fuzzy animals?
4.if you were any anime person in the world,who would you be? why?

My answers!

1. no
2. yup
3. yesh! of course i do! X3
4. I would be Ahiru/Princess Tutu because her life is so fun and unpredictable,plus she get's to save the prince and stuff! X3 that would be sooooo fun! =D yay!

sorrry,im like really hyper right now! XD

Well that's about it for now,Bye!

Love Always,

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night,about 30 minutes after the landlord kicked us out,my step dad got another house for us to live in! and it's 3 bedroom so my sister and i dont have to share a bedroom with my little brother anymore! ^ ^ i dont know when we can start moving in though,but im happy! ^ ^ and it's on the next street over,only about six houses down ^ ^ YAY!

Omg,im going to my friend stephanie's house sometime tonight ^ ^ i know i said i was going lastnight but i couldnt cuz i couldnt leave my litle brother home alone like that! so instead im going tonight ^ ^

Well that's about it for now,Laterz!

Love Always,

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


ok,like for the last five dayz my friends Patience and Lennon stayed here! ^ ^ it was fi=un,i've known them since like i was born. Actually i think Pateince was there when i was born (she's two years older than me)! ^ ^ But they kept getting in fights with each other and Lennon was being mean tomy poor Ekedo! T~T *huggles ekedo tight* Nya! xD

SO like it was still fun i guess ^ ^

OMG! i broke my toe! T~T and i twisted my anckle and my knee all on the same freakin leg! T~T so now like my whole right leg is in pain! sorry,i dont mean to complain ^ ^

so like in another hour or two im gonna go over to my friend Stephanie's house and im so happy cuz i like havent seen her in like forever ^ ^ yay!


Luv Always,


Change in plans....!

the Landlord just came and kicked us out of our appartment! we have to move out in Nine freakin days! That's Freakin stupid! How the hell are we suppose to pack up all our stuff and find a place to live in nine days!? We dont have any family to live with either! God that landlord can freakin burn in hell for all i care!

well, at least this is a new oppertunitly for us to find a better place ^ ^ so...im gonna be optimistic about this ^ ^

well i might not be able to get on the computer as much as i'd like to. So if i dont answer ur PM's for a few days than it's not because im mad at you it's just that im packing,or moving,or maybe i already moved and havent set up my computer yet. Either way,Im gonna try to keep in touch with all you guys ^ ^

Love Always,

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   Happy New Years Eve! xD

Konnichi wa peoplez! Happy New Years Eve! xD YAY!
Im gonna stay up tonight and do a bunch of...new year's eve~ish stuff! YAY~ XD

DO you like my new site? I luv Princess Tutu! it's so Kawaii!

OMG! for the last two nights my friends Patience and Lennon have been staying here ^ ^ it's been fun =] They're staying aain tonight! yay!

wow,im on winter break right now,and i miss all my friends like crazy! T~T Nya! *huggles them*

I hope all you peoplez have a happy new years! Luv you all! *huggles you and gives you cookies* xD

Random question time!
1.what r u doin for New Years?
2.any newyears resolutions?
3.do you like cheese?
4.If i was japanese food would you eat me?

My Answers:
1.just some random stuff XD
2.no,not really,i just want to draw better ^ ^
4.Well i dont think it would be possible to eat my self,so no ^ ^

WEll Laterz! *hugs and kisses*

Luv Always,

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   i took a quiz! =D

You Are Japanese Food

Strange yet delicious.
Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   Konnichi wa peoplez! XD

Hey people! what's up? sorry i was gone for so long! T~T I've been sick and stuff >.< I also went to my friend Cheyennes house for like four days! ^ ^ Plus! i got a new computer! whooooo! XD so like ya! ^ ^ and imgonna try to get some pics of of me and some new art and stuff ^ ^ I missed you all so much! *huggles* I hope you all had a good christmas!
what did you get?
i got an electric keyboard and an ipod ^ ^ yay! XD

well laterz!

óż Aemi

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hi peoplez! =D i updated my site,it's all Princess Tutu-ish! =D woooo! do you like it? well anyways immona go,Laterz

óż Aemi

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