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Friday, March 28, 2008


THEME: Hiroki Uchi
NAME: Shin-chan
BIRTHDAY: 8/7/90
GOALS: Apply to College, finish art portfolio, go back to Tokyo
INTERESTS: J-Rock, Dir en grey, Super Junior, Bi Rain, Kat tun, Kanjani8, NewS, Art, MOVIES ( i love movies, i watch them all the time in place of regular television.)

It's been awhile since i have had a proper introduction.

Hello, and welcome to My Otaku. I am Shin-chan. I'm so glad you stopped by. :D I hope you enjoy your visit here. Feel free to add me, but make sure you comment me. I don't update everyday, but i promise that, when time permits me, i will be by your site. Thanks again. ~a2j

current time: 12:21 pm (weird...)
current thought: spring break is almost over...
current music: Juka- Aravesque

Where has my life gone these past few months. Ugh. I"m really sorry i haven't been around at all. I keep meaning to. And i keep meaning to give a real update. So you know what. I think i will, just so you guys will now whats been taking up all my time. XD

Alright first off, I got a babysitting job. Which has been great, and the pay is awesome. I've been saving up my money, and i'm going to buy pretty things. XD (I also work sometimes for my dad's sign and engraving business. TaSKK Engraving. He does great work, and he gets me to do artwork for it. )

i want to get this. Its a Vivienne Westwood knock off, but affordable. And i've wanted one for along time. ^_^

Then Anna House Makes beautiful and again affordable lolita clothes, and i 'm thinking of buying from there ^_^

Saving your money is a good thing. The only thing i ever really buy is my gas. DX

So on top of doing that 2 days a week. I also am Coaching 6 and 7 year old girls track. I was part of this organization and ran track when i was 12 and 13 so i decided now that i am old enough to coach, why not. So i am. Which is three days aweek. And i've never done something so rewarding. the little girl i babysit is also one of the girls i am now coaching. And all these girls are so much fun. The first track meet is the weekend. Saturday all day to be exact. WISH US LUCK!

I've also been working really hard in school to bring my grades up. Some of you know that i failed pre cal first semester, and then brought it up to a B. Which is good, i just gotta keep it that way.

Yesterday I went to the Memphis College of Art. Finally turned in my application and portfolio. I was so nervous when she looked at it. But she said it was really good, and i shouldn't have a problem getting in. Though i'm looking at taking the ACT again in June. I made a 21 when i took it before, but i had mono that weekend. So we are thinking maybe i can do better. who knows.

mmm.... I've recently become really.. just in love with HYDE. And while i love his music and stuff... i dunno i kinda look up to him. I'm doing a watercolour portrait of him that i'm really proud of. I'll post pictures when i get the chance. ^_^

I think thats really all. oh! I'm sure most of you if not all of you know who Mana and Moi dix Mois are. Well anyway, Juka used to be the lead singer. But left... and honestly since gackt Juka was the best vocalist mana ever had. Well the point here is that Juka is really good, and you should check out his solo stuff, its awesome. :D

And speaking of music. Go look up Janne da Arc too. They are great. Ka-yu and Acid Black Cherry too. They are solo projects done bt 2 JDA members. Anyway, its all good.

Okay, i think thats the end of my abnormally large post. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Maybe once school is out i will be around some more.


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