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Friday, February 17, 2006

im still alive!
i didnt die! i just cant come online too often! but here's a cool quiz u can take if u want!



Ability: Dreams can

tell you many things and not only the future.

Druids in the ancient celtic times thought

they could find out conclusions and answers

through dreams. They layed down on rowan

branches with a bull's hide wrapped around

them and through that dreams the spirits

could tell them what to do. Things changed

though and many oppinions about dreams have

been mixed with others. Nowadays many people

want to find out what their dreams mean but

can't find many people who actually have the

ability to interpert them. You, my dear

friend, have the pure talent to do that. You

are unique in your own


Personality: You like new

things, extraordinary things. Adventuring and

exploring places are your favourite things to

do. It is almost like living in your own

little world. You will yet get lots to see,

if you continue like this.


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Which kind of dark magic should you use?
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