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Monday, June 20, 2005

posting goodness!
hey poeples!

guess what! i went bluberry picking yesterday! it was so much fun! i luv bluberries! they yummy in my tummy! umm...

oh yeah, im also happy (more)! my mom FINALLY put toghether my bike yesterday. i got it at CHRISTMAS and it only got put together in THE MIDDLE OF JUNE! its black with a cool layer of dotted purple! me luves it! i ride it today! then again, i posted this at 12:01, about 2 go to bed.

i sent an email 2 this boy who i know has a crush on me... he even sent me a letter saying blah blah blah, luv ian. he, however, doesn't know i got that letter.

my life's too friggen complicated

night night!


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