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Friday, April 15, 2005

   A sign of relief
I've managed to submit the greetings card I considered to make, although it didn't take me long to create it. It is not too flashy, but it should be enjoyable once you guys have a chance to see it. *sighs* I'm glad that's out of the way.

Throughout the entire week, I've been busy w/ plently of assignments and at least one final. However, I've managed to invest some of my time to update when I had the chance. It wouldn't be such a drag if I hadn't have setbacks from the computer yesterday when the server refused to save a file. However, I've managed to handle the problem and now I should be able to finish out everything I need to complete.

On a lighter note, my mother called from my hometown and stated that I was nominated to have my name written on the Dean's list. Of course, my initial thought was, "WTF?!" because I wouldn't even remotely imagine being nominated for anything, esp. the Dean's list. She'll send me the papers this weekend when I call her back. Shocker, indeed!

I'll shout at you guys later, now I've gotten the air out of my chest. Signing off.

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