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Ninja info.
Name:Mimiko Uchiha
Known family: Sasuke Uchiha (father)
Rank: genin/missing-ninja
Birthday: August 14th
Village: Hidden Leaf/cloud
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140Ibs
Hair: black
Eye: red
Markings: curse seal,Uchiha clan symbol
Fav. jutsu: Chidori, Rasengan,summoning jutsu,Pheonix flower justu,water dragon, white whale.
Fav. weapons: demon wind shuriken, kunei, fire bombs
Hobbies: training
weakness: the sight of blood
Notes:just mastered the Sharingan to a whole new level

Team: Caro Yatoshiru, Karie

Quote:"when you dodge you don't let them cut you, when you protect someone you don't let them die, when you attack kill!"-Ichigo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First chapter.
well here you go. tell me what you think.

Chapter One: The Mission

The 17-year-old ninja jumped from tree to tree. His black obsidian eyes were roving every which way, looking for something that looked familiar to him. And then he stopped.

In front of him was Konoha Village….the village that housed the female ninja that he was sent to capture and bring back to Orochimaru. Apparently she was the greatest ninja around…surpassing even the Hokage herself. She was said to have superhuman strength and beauty that rivaled Aphrodite herself. But that was not why Orochimaru wanted her. He wanted her because of her ability to control Chakra…her ability surpassed any ninja he had ever seen or heard of…even the Uchiha boy, Sakura Haruno.

The boy, whose name was Sasuke, saw a villager leave the gates of Konoha. He quickly changed his appearance to match that of the villager. He passed through the gates without a problem.

He wandered the streets, wondering where he was to find this Chakra-controlling female ninja. He snorted. Why Orochimaru would want her was beyond him. Normally he didn’t go out on missions for Orochimaru, but something told him to go on this one. Maybe it was because Orochimaru told him that he used to belong to this village, but Sasuke couldn’t help that it was something else…someone else….There seemed to be a commotion going on somewhere in a big arena, so he followed the crowd.

Once inside the arena he turned his attention to the center, where there appeared to be a fight going on. He couldn’t see who was fighting because of the dust and all of the people. He finally managed to elbow his way through the cheering crowd and once at the front of the crowd he assumed an arrogant stance with his arms crossed over his chest.

He saw a big, sweaty, hairy man using hand signs for a jutsu against his opponent, whom Sasuke hadn’t seen yet. He was watching the big man when a flash of red caught his eyes. A young, willowy girl of about the same age as him was facing the man with a defiant stance. She had long, silky, red hair that fell past her shoulders and was restrained only with a headband…the mark of a ninja of Konoha…

As soon as Sasuke saw her an image flashed in his mind…of a younger version of the girl…with shorter hair crying….and yelling her love for him…But the image was gone before he had a chance to make the connection. He shook his head. He had a funny feeling about that girl.

The big guy started for her, cursing her. She just smiled and easily dodged his attach. The red-haired girl was fast. Sasuke, for some reason, couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He followed her every move, admiring her easy grace in dodging the attacks. Suddenly the big man was on the defense, trying to avoid the girl’s attacks.

With his Sharingan eyes Sasuke saw her focus her chakra into her right fist and punch the big guy in the stomach, knocking him out cold. The crowd cheered. The girl then knelt before the unconscious man and place her hands on his stomach. Her hands emitted a blue aura, and soon the man woke up.

The girl then stood up and walked out of the ring. The man just stared at her, wondering why she didn’t finish him off. And why she bothered to heal him after he vowed to break every bone in her body.

“Why?” the man asked.

“Because,” the girl replied, “I am a ninja. And a medic. It’s who I am. I can’t have one without the other. Don’t worry. You fought your best. Train more and I will fight you again if you wish.” With that she left.

Sasuke found himself intrigued by this mere girl who defeated a man three times her size without even breaking a sweat. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think it was the….No, he told himself. It couldn’t be the girl Orochimaru wants…could it? What was her name…Haruno? Why does that name sound so familiar?

Sasuke decided to follow her and find out.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Yay!!! i'm so excited i just wrote a story about sasuke and naruto's sister abari and it came out really good! i've been tring to write it for like two years now but everytime i start a new chapter i come up with this new idea for the last so i have to start all over but now i'm finally done!!!!YAY!!!!!!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hey guys. sorry i haven't posted in so long been really busy. any way my puppies are so big! now that their eyes are open they're starting to walk around the house but i'm afraid we still haven't found any one who wants one. have any of you had a day where you wish you could go back in time and start all over again?
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