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the stary sky (angelic layer ending)

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if i seem random it's because well i am.
oh sorry for any spelling mistakes in any of my posts or replies.

jing king of bandits ova (subbed not dubbed sadly)

may happiness bloom and please avoid the same hell i had to endure, if people lie about something big then run from them don't stay with them.

ai yuori aoshi ep 1.not in the uk
ok right anyone who hates cute stuff such as kisa deals with me ok. this includes sick purverts, unless it's 4kids stuff then you can post it on as meny dojin sites as possible. oh and yes kisa is my favorite fruits basket girl any h of her and don't look pls. oh and koniciwa. oh and pls feel free to add me as a freind and pls sign my GB. oh and yes i am sorta sensitive. but hey that's me a sensitive purvert. feel free to talk i'm a good listoner, ok laters.

Monday, February 19, 2007

sigh i can't belive that we're getting a new final fantasy on friday. oh and i also have watch la portrait du petite cossette, it's well... odd, weird, gothic and nice.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

sigh i am so well known now in hmv i don't have to put deposits down, i get offered stuff like all of ghost in the shell. and they all know my face. sigh oh and ah! my goddess is finnaly within my grasp well come april. sigh i suppose i need money and patiance now as in march i FINALLY get my christmas prese from my cousin. ah well that and dark angels AND battle club 3. oh well i need more horror well and more comedy... ah i wanna be at home watching duck soup again and animal crackers and horse feathers... all i need now is some damn good yaoi and yuri i'll not be seen for about 3-4 weeks.
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Monday, February 5, 2007

sigh been a while since i was on here. i've just found out negima is released on the 19th over here, well anime-online have that date for it, sigh i no longer have all the ken akimatsu stuff now. aargh i really wish the 19th would get here soon.
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Monday, December 11, 2006

i'm bored in college i've gotta work on a gam. oh and i've just found out that excel saga might be shown on rapure in 07. i also kinda need new yaoi and more furuba and sgt frog and more sekai.
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