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find out yourself....
uuum...hey...its lonely fellow here....but call me lance..cuz thats my real name.and i hope that u or...somebody will sign my guestbook.if not then...its alright.i can live with it.

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
visit it sometime....oh and i hope u wont mind the fact im shy....

and...i'll add some quiz resluts later when i have time....ok?

and heres a poem for my friend...maria from the bbs...
my friend will always be you...as long as u always keep this friendship true.its nice enough that you personality isnt full of fluff so dont leave me alone.your my best friend so thats why i wrote this poem.i keep in mind that you will always stay,so dont let me down....and plus,i wont change anyway.before you say something about this...i hope that you will find a way out such a thick mist.so feel free to visit...i dont really care...i might not know you that much but will you always be there?your a cool girl that i can see,so please..whatever happens....dont leave me

yo!*pops knuckles and neck*its lance again!i noticed that you've noticed ive added some new posts....!heh...sign my gb and maybe i'll add you as a friend..a'ight?ok!so....just to let you kno...i have a pretty hot temper.so dont mess with me.i hate onions,leeks,and...miso...but miso's ok as long as its soup!!!heh...peace out

Monday, April 17, 2006

sowwy everyone.....i forgoti had an otaku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well long story short i didnt do anything the past few months....ok all done
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

well....me and my gf had to have our time apart....we had some problems so......we broke up...we're taking our time off...so....yea....
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

hey..havent made a post in a long time
hey everybody sry i havent made a new post with me actually saying stuff.i was just really busy and all but thats ok i guess i can make one now......ARGH!IF I CAN REMEMBER WAT TO SAY THEN!aw man im sounding like my sister now!she sounds like a blonde huh but shes not which im glad...no offense to the blondes out there but sry.ive been busy with school and stuff and christmas shoppin god i cant wait till xmas!!!!i wonder wut im gettin....anyways well ive finally found a gf too!im tired of waiting for this other girl...so i just...well...ive been waiting for her since summer and i have no idea wut happend to her.its that maria girl i mentioned in my intro ya kno.shes really kewl but u kno w/e.heh....it makes me sad bringing her up but its ok.ive found somebody else now so im pretty much good.i dont stay in my room as much which is great.my sister is singing like....ciara or w/e(if some of yall kno her or ok...)lots of rumors have been starting in my family which is really annoying and i basically hate it and another rumor started in school that my sister is a slut....which she isnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!geez damn ppl i hate em!but other than that my new gf is beautiful!shes the perfect one for me!bye
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