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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Define The Great Line

Hey anime freaks!! The theme is Underoath!! I'm pretty sure none of you guys know this band but anyways they're scremos! And heres the kooL thing, they're Christiano_O but anyways they're kooL._. Well welcome for those who are new and HI to those who know me. Sorry! there are no more avi's available. i kinda lost the URLs but you can still ask for avi requests. The clubs that I joined or created are still here. Join them if you want. Well have fun and enjoy looking around(@_@)! Oh and don’t forget to sign in my GuestBook before leaving!

"The lost promised soul",

Hey ya guys. I haven't posted for awhile and I guess I'll post.

I have some really sad and good news. The sad news is that my Grandmother in Philipines died… Sadly I Don’t remember any good memories with her, but all I can say is that my bro is now in a middle of depression. Back then… when I wasn’t even born he told me that he remembered how she always gave him paper to draw when he didn’t have any. Hehehe… He is like the best drawer I’ve ever known. And… *sniffles* I don’t know what I’m feeling like now, but whatever it is, it hurts… Badly.
The good new is that it is my b-day today. But there isn’t much happiness around. Well I guess I better go. Theres really nothing to say or do, so yah… I think I’ll just go. So sorry that I bore you guys to…never mind.


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