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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shojo World #1

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Hi, and welcome to the backup account for MerokoYui4!!!

About the Layout: Features Riku Harada from the anime/manga Dn Angel (c) Yukiru Sugisaki.
The pictures featured in my layout are from: here

About Me:
Name: Meroko
Age: 14
Random: I like cats. ^^
I love writing, it's very precious to me-making another world.
I hope to be a published writer when I grow up.

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4) No Yaoi/Yuri (note: The last two rules are not to offend anyone but I'm a Christian and those are rules I follow)

I do now own/have any rights to any of the manga/anime mentioned/shown on this page, they are all owned by various people and companies. Nothing is bieng used for any commerical reasons, and so I think it falls under free use. If it does not, or if there is a porblem, please contact me here or at Meroko@ShojoWorld.com and the problem will be removed as soon as possible.

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Date: 1/20/08
Title: Layout #1:
Take My Hand

This is the newest and first layout that will be featured on Shojo World (I'm about to put up the coding). So, what do you think?

This layout features Riku Harada from the Shojo manga/anime DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki. It's div-style. It's also very pink, and girly, lol. I think the title is a bit self-explainatory, I just thought of it when I saw the picture!

Feedback would be appreciated, either here or on my main account: MerokoYui4

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