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Hey everyone! ^o^ I'm Motoko! Feel free to have a look around~ I love making new friends ♥♥

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   BAGEEBEEZ!!! It's been a long time. o__o;;

I guess I'll just give you a list of whats been going on... 's not much. Just a few big things.

Remind me to post more if you want. D= I really need to. My yahoo is temari_of_the_wind and my aim is Thread Ball Xx

+I love Randy [he's amazing]

+We're still going out ^w^

+Ryu decided he didn't want to speak to me until I got my problems sorted out

+I don't have problems to sort out.

+Ryu still likes me

+I'm on a diet

+Today Randy completely MURDERED it by giving my Micky D's and a Dr. Pepper xD

+Took FCAT for the fisrt time in my life today. o.O;

+Me and Freddy are not friends or not speaking or... whatever you'd like to call it.

+I'm going to Megacon and I'm taking Yuki!!

+I'm cosplaying Eva [Megal Gear Solid 3], Misa Amane [Death Note], and Anna [He Is My Master]

+I might dye my hair blonde [not bleach/platinum] if I do, I will cosplay Mitsuki [He Is My Master] instead of Anna

+I get ta see J-sama at Megacon! >w<

+I'm getting my cartilage pierced. Left ear. After it heals up I'm gonna get bigger earrings so I can get an industrial piercing! ^o^

+I'm in class right now.

+Kai-Yu (who sits next to me) is looking at PSPs on a Chinese website. [Like you needed to know that] xD

My hair plan for the next 6-12 months: Dye it blonde [it's brown now], cut it to my shoulders, dye it black. xD Well, I want like, four diffrent things with my hair right now but since I just got a new hair cut I am not allowed to cut it right now. PLUS my mother does not want my hair short OR black. I like my hair now though... I still dunno if I should dye it. Hmm...

Gonna visit sites when I get home! Remind me to work on cosplay! ^^;;

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