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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/19/04:
lol...thad DOSE sound KINDA like me...

I am a Scorpio. (Also known as "Scorpion") My Horroscope starts like this:
" Scorpios are highly dangerous, even at a distance. They cheat and lie, live for intrigue, and take pleasure in destroying. " (Read more | Find yours)

Result Posted on 10/30/04:

Result Posted on 10/30/04:
yep, that probly right...

Result Posted on 10/30/04:

Your true emotion is Happy! Your always there
tospread your joy no matter how tough the
situation is. Your friends and siblings(if you
have any siblings) look up to you. Your always
someone they can count on to put a smile in
their face or make them laugh.

What emotion are you? _-=Beautiful Pictures!=-__-=Many Dirfferent Outcomes!=-_
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Result Posted on 10/27/04:
i like her!!!!

I'm Kasuga Ayumu!
You are Kasuga Ayumu!

Which Azumanga Daioh Character are you?
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Result Posted on 10/26/04:
huzzah!!! i hate hentai!!!

Result Posted on 10/26/04:
huzzah! digiko!

What Shoujo Cutie Are You?
What Shoujo Cutie Are You?

Result Posted on 10/26/04:
this wasnt my real result....WHO CARES?!?!?!

Result Posted on 10/24/04:
i like purple!

Purple uniform
You'd wear a purple uniform! You are friendly and
loyal! You have many friends that really trust
you! You enjoy being with your friends and is
always in a great mood!

What color school uniform would you wear? anime pics Gilrs only
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:
its naru and shinobu!!!

You are summer! You know how to have fun and has
many friends! You're usually never sad too! You
know how to make people laugh because of your
great sense of humor and is very energetic! You
are also protective with your friends!

What season are you? (anime pics)
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