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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/06/05:
ya thats rite...

You're Element is Night. You're a bit of a loner
loner who is very creative but never show your
work to anyone. You may smile a little but
sadness or loneliness surround you and other
can feel it when they're near you. You have a
dark or unusual beauty that makes you
mysterious and you probably have a lot of
secrets that you've never told anyone. You're
beauty is intriging and unorthidox but the real
thing that makes you special is your eyes.
Something in them makes them like Diamonds in
the Rough. (please forgive me if you cannot see
the pics. If you go to my userpage then you can
see your result picture at the bottom)

Result Posted on 03/06/05:
yay!!! i like books and light blue and im a kid!!! yay!!!

You're a Kid Neko!!You are very intelligent and
loves books and cool places to read them!!You
love the color Light blue and always wears it
to go with your furry ears and tail.

Result Posted on 03/06/05:
really? well i guess thats tru...


Result Posted on 03/06/05:
lol actualy i dont think im hot at all but people have said i am...kinda weird...

What Does Your Inner Anime Character Look Like? (For Girls) by Rose Lover
User Name
Fav. Colors
Fav. Anime Show
What you look like
RoleThe hot one every guy hits on
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 02/17/05:
yay! prety pic!

what kind of power do you have
by dawni08

You are You have dark energy!!
You are You have dark energy!!
You are dark and mysteriuos.Deep down inside you are a good person.You had hard life that has seemed to suck the trust and love right out fo you.Try to open up.

Result Posted on 02/07/05:
if im only that cool the whats with the other quiz saing im super cool?

Your Personality
Favourite Colour
School Label
Current Mood
Do You Like Kitties?
You are this COOL... - 20%
You are this SMART... - 70%
You are this ADMIRED - 18%
You are this FUN to be around... - 82%
You are this EVIL... - 63%
This is the percentage of KITTIES in the world that love you... - 50%
This cool quiz by LiselleDeFontaine - Taken 39279 Times.
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Result Posted on 01/27/05:

What Does Your Inner Anime Character Look Like? (For Girls) by Rose Lover
User Name
Fav. Colors
Fav. Anime Show
What you look like
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 12/29/04:
actualy i suck a sports!

I'm Kagura!
You are Kagura!

Which Azumanga Daioh Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Result Posted on 12/28/04:

Which Futurama Character are YOU?
You are..
This fun quiz by KwizBiz - Taken 10468 Times.
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Result Posted on 12/27/04:
i likr it!!!...esept for the light colored chlose part>>

Become an Instant Anime Character!
Favourite Color
Hair Color: Black with Blue Hilighs
Hair Style: Long Hair
Wardrobe: A light-colored tanktop with shorts
Personality: Dark/Evilish
Kind of Anime You're In: Modern School-Boy/Girl Anime
Role in Anime: Cute Little Kid
This quiz by DarkStri - Taken 4413 Times.
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