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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Weakest Link Part 2
2kReturner: Welcome back to part 2 of The Weakest link! Since there is no strongest link, I am forced to start the person to my left, that be you Mallow!

1. In Melee, The B button executes what attack for Captain Falcon?
Mallow: Falcon kick.
2k: Wrong! Falcon punch.

2. Princess Toadstool’s first name was released in what game?
Zelda: ... ...Super Mario bros 1 (Sheik: Super Mario 64)!
2k: ...Correct!

3. The Phantasm is the smash and B attack of what Super Smash bros. Character?
Nana: Falco.
2k: Correct!

4. The Bullet Blaster (Falcon: Bank!)[1000]is a vehicle is what game?
Falcon: ... ...Super Mario world!
2k: Wrong! Mario Kart double dash!

5. Driving on a track over the ocean is the setup of what board in F-Zero?
Daisy: ... ...Big blue!
2k: Correct!

6. In Melee, Ganondorf has how many doubles?
King Koopa: 1!
2k: Correct!

7. Ganondorf had a giant bird in what Zelda game?
Roy: Link to the Past!
2k: Wrong! The Windwaker!

8. Mario is given a title of what game?
Mallow: Super Mario Sunshine!
2k: correct!

9. Playing 1000 versus mode (Zelda: Bank!)[500] matches gives you what character is Melee?
Zelda: Young Link! (Sheik: Game and Watch!)
2k: *Raises an eyebrow* Correct!

10. Nimbus Land is a place in what game?
Nana: Kirby 64!
2k: Wrong! Super Mario RPG!

11. The Sword of Seals is based off of what sword style?
Falcon: Eastern!
2k: Wrong! Western.

12. The Sword dance of Marth and Roy produces how many variations?
Daisy: 5
2k: Wrong! 8.

13. In Melee, Who is the most devastating between Master Hand and Crazy Hand?
Koopa: Master Hand!
2k: Wrong! Crazy Hand.

14. In Melee, after playing versus mode with all default characters, what character will you face?
Roy: Marth!
2k: Correct!

15. In Melee, what is the title of the last match?
Mallow: The Showdown!
2k: Correct!

16. In Melee, in order to get the Battlefield level what mode must you complete?
Sheik: All Star!
2k: Correct!

17. In Japanese, what is Super Smash bros. Melee’s title?
Nana: ....Dai-Rantou Smash bros.
2k: Wrong! Dairantô Smash Brothers DX.

18. Marth is the decendent of what Legendary Fire Emblem hero?
Falcon: Linoan!
2k: Wrong! Anri.

19. “Doesn't it seem I am the victor?” Are the Victory English translation words of what Super Smash bros. Melee Character?
Daisy: Marth!
2k: Correct!

20. How many more boards (Koopa: Bank!)[500] are there in Melee than in Super Smash Bros?
Koopa: 19!
2k: Correct!

21. In Super Metroid, no damage from Super heated and Sub-Zero rooms is the benifit of this suit.
Roy: .... ....(Shakes head) Gravity!
2k: Wrong! Varia.

(Weakest link sound)

2k: Ok! At the end of Round 1, you manage to bank a measly 2000 dollars. That number will be carried onto the next round. Has the jury reached a verdict?! Time to vote off, the weakest link!

Analyzer: Falcon is the Weakest Link and statistically, Sheik *Ehem* Zelda is the strongest link. Who will be voted off? Time to find out!

Roy: Falcon
Koopa: Falcon
Daisy: Roy
Falcon: Zelda
Nana: Zelda
Zelda: Roy (Sheik: Zelda!)
Mallow: Zelda! (Crowd: Ooh!)

2k: (Looks to Falcon) You didn't show your moves this time Falcon! (Crowd: HaHa HaHa Ha!)

Falcon: ...
2k: Why Sheik I mean Zelda?
Falcon: Her alterego is annoying!

2k: Ewwkaay... (Looks to Sheik) It looks like the Shinobi isn't stealthy enough! (Crowd: *Snicker*) Everdently, someone *ehem* some people don't like ninjas. Especially ones who are Bi-Polar (AKA: Split personality) Tomboys! (Crowd: *Chuckle*) I stand as the Shinobi player killer. You are the weakest link, goodbye!

Sheik's end round thoughts: Doesn't mean I can still merk them harder in melee combat. (Zelda: And Link couldn't save me this time!)

2k: 1 person has been voted off and 6 still remain. Find out who will go next on... The Weakest Link!

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