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Monday, January 30, 2006

   The Weakest Link!
Host: Welcome to The Weakest Link! I'm your host, 2kReturner! ...And today's Contestants are...

"Lord Roy Eliwood of Fire Emblem"
"King Koopa from Super Mario bros."
"Lord Ganondorf from Zelda"
"Hi, I'm Princess Daisy, from Super Mario Land"
"Captain Falcon from F-Zero!"
"Nana from Ice Climbers (Popo waves at camera from the audience in the background)
"Sheik (Turns into Zelda) No... Princess Zelda! (Flashes back to Sheik) *Sigh* from Zelda..."
"Prince Mallow from Super Mario RPG"

2k: In these rounds, you each will answer a question. Get it right and you will advance up the money chain. In order to increase the amount you have, you must say "Bank". After this, the chain starts over. However, if you get a question wrong, you start over, getting no money!

We will start with the person furthest from my right. That's you, Roy.

1. What is Mario and Luigi’s last name?
Roy: ...Mario!
2k: Correct!

2. What are the Ice Climbers’ weapons Super Smash Bros. Melee
Koopa: Ice!
2k: No. The correct Answer is the Mallet

3. The Sword of Seals belongs to what Fire Emblem character?
Ganondorf: (Looks to Roy's Sword hilt) Roy!
Marth: (In the background) You looked, cheater!
2k: Correct!

4. The Koopa kids (Daisy: Bank!)[500] were the bosses of what game?
Daisy: Super Mario bros. 3!
2k: Wrong! Super Mario World.

5. Samurai Goroh is a character in what game?
Falcon: F-Zero!
2k: Correct!

6. Culex is a boss of what game?
Nana: Donkey Kong Country!
2k: No! Super Mario RPG.

7. How many worlds (Zelda: Bank!)[0] are there in the game Zelda A Link to the past?
Sheik: 1 (Zelda: No, 2!)
2k: Wrong! It's 2!

8. Adieu is the saying of what Super Mario character?
Mallow: Toadofsky!
2k: Correct!

9. Baby Luigi (Roy: Bank!)[500] first appears in what game?
Roy: Super Mario Word
2k: Wrong! Super Mario World 2.

10. Marth is the Exiled prince of what Fire Emblem Kingdom?
Koopa: Altea!
2k: Correct!

11. Wario appeared first in what video game?
Ganondorf: Super Mario Land 2!
2k: Yes!

12. The Mario glove is a weapon for what Super Mario RPG character?
Daisy: ... ...Geno! (Gets hit with Mario)
2k: No. Bowser!
Bowser: *Blows rasperries at Daisy*

13. The Falchion belongs to what Fire Emblem character?
Falcon: ...Hector!
2k: No! The answer is Marth!

14. The smash attack on Super Smash bros. Melee is executed by pressing what button at the same time with the directional pad?
Nana: A!
2k: Correct!

15. Shadow Mario appeared in what game?
Sheik: Super Mario Sunshine! (Zelda: 64!)
2k: Yes!

16. The real name for Mute City is what?
Mallow: Mutant City!
2k: Correct!

17: The Endless Stairs (Roy: Bank!)[1500] appear in what game?
Roy: Luigi's Mansion!
2k: Wrong! Super Mario 64.

18. Hovering in the air, spinning, and laughing at the same time is the description of a taunt to what Super Smash bros. Melee character?
Koopa: Ganondorf!
2k: Correct!

19. Birdo appears (Ganondorf: Bank!)[500] in what game?
Ganondorf: Super Mario bros. 2!
2k: Correct!

20. The FLUUD (Daisy: Bank!)[500]is a tool used in what game?
Daisy: ...Wario Land!
2k: Wrong! Super Mario Sunshine!

21: “For those I protect… I can’t lose!” Are the Victory English translation words of what Super Smash bros. Melee Character?
Falcon: ... ... ...(Shakes head)Marth!
2k: Wrong! Roy!

22. The shield breaker belongs to what character in Super Smash bros. Melee?
Nana: ...Roy!
2k: Wrong! Marth is the correct answer!

23: How many Mario Kart games have been released?
Sheik: 3 (Zelda: 4!)
2k: No! The correct answer is 4!

24: Bukki is the Japanese name of what character in Super Mario RPG?
Mallow: ......Ponchinello!
2k: Wrong! Booster!

(Weakest Link sound)

2k: Ok! At the end of Round 1, you manage to bank a pathetic total of 3500 dollars. That number will be carried onto the next round. With that said, its time to vote off the Weakest Link!

Analyzer: Daisy is the Weakest Link and statistically, Ganondorf is the strongest link. Who will be voted off? Time to find out!

Roy: Daisy!
Koopa: Daisy!
Ganondorf: Sheik!
Daisy: Ganondorf!
Falcon: Mallow!
Nana: Ganondorf!
Sheik: Ganondorf! (Zelda: Daisy!) [Crowd: *Gasps*]
Mallow: Sheik!

2k: (Looks to Sheik) Sheik... You remind me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! (Crowd: *Laughs*) Why Ganondorf?

Sheik: Cuz he made me what I am today!

2k: Or is it because you couldn't help Link cause he was in trouble one time? (Looks to Daisy) Daisy... Geno throwing Mario Around? Imagine that! Wait, you just did... Earlyier! (Crowd: *Laughs*) Why Ganondorf?

Daisy: Cuz' he deems! (Crowd: *Laughs*)

2k: But can't that be said about all Zelda characters?

Daisy: Mmm... Yeah...

2k: (Looks to Ganondorf) Ganondorf!
Unfortunately, in a democracy, a dictator is at the mercy of the people! You are indeed, The Weakest Link! Goodbye!

Ganondorf's end round thoughts: No doubt about it why they voted me off! Doesn't matter. If I catch one of them visiting my domain... It's over!

2k: 1 person has been voted off and 7 still remain. Find out who will go next on... The Weakest Link!

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