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Hey! and welcome to my site...
I do alot or drawings and like to watch anime, most of the time when im at home... I love Elfen lied but sadly my boyfriend dont so when his here, i cant watch anime T_T

I also love to listen to music like; lostprophets, muse, local H and so on...

take a look around and comment on my work if you want...
C ya!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

   second chapter... MY ROOM!
Chapter 2: MY ROOM!

Tala’s eyelids gracefully blinked, looking to his right.


A familiar voice was heard calling out. Casting his eyes over to the voice, he distinguished a young girl, about the age of 15.

“Hey Tala… Where have you been...? I’ve been looking for you!”

A girl consumed in Black clothing was dressed in jeans with a studded belt holding her beyblade and launcher. Underneath her trousers, were her boots, which were black too. A Black sleeveless top was all that covered her upper part of her body. Her Blondie/ brown hair fell to mid back.

Skidding to a stop, she started to inhale deep breaths.

“Do you happen to know what the time is?” She stared up at him.

Tala couldn’t make out why she was in such a state of rush.

“Sorry Rikki, I don’t.”

“Arh, forget it…Time to go home, so lets book it!”

They started to walk home, back to there house where they would be greeted by the rest of the Neo Borg.

Tala’s POV ‘She doesn’t know how glad I am to see her…’Looking forward, I could see are house, down the road.
‘It’s been, about, 2-3 months since Rikki joined the Neo Borgs. She’s been a big help to the team and they’re commitment to are new home and school. She gets along with us really well, and it seems that she don’t mind hanging around with us, either! Which… I find pretty strange for me. I’m to use to training with guys more then girls, and as well as that! I do mostly find girl annoying, however, something about her is different… I’m not sure but I think its to do with her past! I’m just going to have to wait and find out!’

After they reached the building they called home, it was 3:46pm.

The door lead in to the grand hall, which had stairs following up then separating mid way. The hall was decorated with gold and white paint, creating a sensational pattern. To the left of the grand hall, was a hallway, which had about 10 rooms, 5 each side.

To the right had 10 rooms, yet again, 5 each side but this time the rooms had the living room, Kitchen, Library and other useless rooms.

Going up stairs, on the left was a balcony and another hallway containing 5 rooms, being there dormitories. On the right side was about 5 rooms used as the Gym, Grand bathroom, study, games room including a mini cinema and the last room being a spear.

Dumping their bags on the floor, Rikki headed of to the kitchen, for a nice hot drink, instead she found Ian Stuffing his face with crap.

Tala walked in to the living room where Spencer was watching the T.V Spread out on the couch, so Tala claimed his spot on the armchair by slinging himself into it.

“Wats up Tala? You looked beat…!” Spencer could tell something was up by the vibrations Tala was giving through his glare.

“Ah…Its nothing…”

Tala glanced at the ceiling with his semi-opened eye’s that were glistering. His eyes were gently closing then gapping again.

- - - - - - -

Rikki was quite happily placed at the table, in the kitchen with Ian who was making a mess of it!

“…Then, he was like, give it here and all that, so I had to…”

Rikki cut Ian of mid way…

“Ian, could you sort of stop yakking and clean the mess up a bit!” Bringing the cup of tea to her mouth and sipping from it.

“Huh… oh, sorry Rikki!” Ian jumped of the counter and started to clear it up. She faintedly closed her eyes and let out a little sigh, shacking her head slightly, still holding the cup.

Suddenly, out of no where, the kitchen door flow open in rage and standing in the door way as a steaming, angry, Bryan with a face that could melt the ice burg that sank the Titanic.

“IAN…Where is my disk!” Bryan was tempted to murder the short ass but was being held back by a piece of thread ready to break. He stood there, not moving a muscle until he had what he willingly came for…Ian’s dead body.

“Your disk…! Ah…Yes, well…you see I!”

“Yes Ian… Carrie on!”

Ian froze for a sec then blurted out…

“I took it because I had a really bad match with this Kid and we played for stakes…”

“And…?” Bryan let out a snort the crossed his arms in annoyance.

“And then…I lost!” Ian posed a cheesy fake grin.


“I had to give him a part of my blade, which sorta happened to be your disk…” Ian’s voice faded out with sweat drops forming.

“AND!” Bryan shouted in frustration.

Ian’s face looked confused and clueless, not knowing what else to say. Then, being the idiot he is, finished with something that would of started world war 3…

“The End…” He said in a wimpy voice.

“…” That little piece of thread, holding his fury in, snapped.

‘RUN LITTLE MAN!’ was written all over Bryans face.

‘SHIT, FUCK, SHIT, FUCK, SHIT, FUCK …’ was written crossed Ian’s face and mind.

A disturbing silence fell over Ian, for he was in deep shit, and not just any deep shit…Oh no! It was deep!

Ian bypassed Bryans grasp and started legging it around the room, swerving pacific objects e.g. Rikki, while being hunted down by Bryan. He managed to latch him self on to Ian and hold him up so his feet were nowhere near the floor. An evil looking grin crept across Bryan’s mouth.


He glanced to his side to find Rikki Staring at him very unceasingly.

“Um…yer!” Ian was still kicking and screaming with no luck. Bryan’s muscles are too strong for him (Weakling).

“That disk…! Wasn’t that the heavy weight one?”

“…What’s it too you…?”

“I hid that one in my draw…” Bryan stood there with a clue less face on, as to say ‘And’.

“In my room, where all my personal stuff is…!” Rikki finished off.

His grip on Ian loosened as well as his face did. He realized what she was going at. Ian was lying on the floor rubbing his ass. Jumping up on to his feet, he turned to Rikki…

“I swear! I didn’t go in your room…! It was all Bryan!”

Pointing a finger at Bryan.

“WAT! MY FAULT…!” He said in a harsh voice, yelling, “Why you little…!” But was shortly cut off by an extremely violent looking rikki. Both boys stood there in fear with sweat drops.

“YOU WENT IN MY ROOM!” Forcing her head up while gritting her teeth, she slammed down her cup.

Bryan’s POV
‘This is not good!’

Ian is standing by my side and although I’m about a meter away, I can still see him sweating like hell! Hehe! It’s quite Hilarious when you see Ian struggling to not shit him self!

Oh… crap! I’m just in as much shit as he is! Actually! I’m in more! AHHHH… Noooooo…! Wait, wait… Calm it Bryan! You’re working up a sweat over nothing. She’s a girl and you’re a boy that has been beaten and bruised way more then what she could possibly do! AND…! I’m way more over powering then she is!

Normal POV
“I strongly suggest you remove yourselves from the kitchen before I do it personally for you!”

With that, Ian was out of the door faster then a bullet on fire, leaving Bryan standing there. Rikki placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow.

Bryan crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow back at her.

“I’m not as fucking wimpy as turd face!”

“Really! Wanna try that theory…”

Rikki new that if she had a fight with him he would win! Hands down! But, she new that even though Bryan was rough and dominating, he would never hurt a girl, especially herself. He got sorter, on the inside!

Still standing there, Rikki made her first move. She suddenly disappeared from in front of him. Fading in from his side, His quick reflexes dogged her punch, that she made weak, and grasped her are pulling her down. Then slipped both of his vigorous arms around her waist trapping her, in his control!

Facing him, she let out a sigh…Her feet were lifted of the ground, about afoot, so it mad it hard for her to move or wiggle, for she was sandwiched between his arms and body!

“Fine…you win, but I’m still not happy about you being in my room!”

“I doubt you will ever get over that, will you?” Bryan remarked.

“Maybe…maybe not!” She wiggled a bit, trying to free her arms but it was futile, he was squeezing to tightly for her to realise from.

“Come on Rikki! I didn’t touch or do anything in your room!” He stared at her with puppy eyes on (Bryan…Puppy eyes… Hard to imagine). So pure and stress less, Filled the orbs of his shimmering eyes.

She looked away, but she could still feel him looking upon her with his puppy eyes. She turned her head and glanced at him from the side.

“Krise almighty! Ok… I forgive you, but please put me back on my feet were I can Breath!”

Bryan stood her back down, and let go. She brushed her self of and then shook her head grinning to her self.

“What’s up with you?” Bryan questioned.

“Just thinking off the fear in your eyes wene I screamed at you and Ian…You looked so innocent but we all know that’s not true!”

She walked of, out the room, leaving a clueless Bryan standing In the Kitchen.

“I am too innocent… I think!” Scratching his head...

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

He knows were you are!
Hey peeps! I'm starting to post my fanfic up here so that u guys can read it! O' the joy in that... anyways, first chapter is up...here it is...

Title: What just happened!

Tala’s POV
‘Times changed since 2 years ago. Boris is just a figure of are imagination and the Abby is a thing of the past!

The Demolition boys have changed too. We have a new teammate who happens to be a girl but, hey, a little feminine touch is just what the team needs!

I thought everything would only get better and it has. I thought that, eventually, things would be forgotten and slowly moved on and it has too, however, there are something’s time just cant swallow up and never be seen or heard of again… There’s something there! But what?

Kneeling down, against a cold solid wall. Knees tucked up tightly to his chest, with his arms around them. Tala’s head was buried from the warms of the sun, shinning through one little window in the top corner of the room.

Glancing up at the window, he looked around as if he didn’t know were his was. Managing to climb to his feet, using the wall for support, he made his way to the sink. He hanged his head over the sink, and started to spit out the taste of that red substance that seemed to seep from his bottom lip, known as blood. Tala filled his hands up with fresh running water and splashed it over his face. Staring into the mirror, Tala could see his muscular body that had now been beaten and slashed pretty badly. His perfect, pale, lustful skin was now a slight grey colour, with little cuts all up his arms and along the back of his neck. He looked back at the mirror and started to remember something…

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Short flash back

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Looking out, in front of him, complete darkness was all that surrounded him. Feeling alone and unhealed, his body carried on falling back. Reaching out for help but knowing no one will be there, he gave up, but then a sudden bright light shone on his face. Tala squinted his eyes so that he could see what was coursing the light. His eyes shoot open in disbelief and the pupils shrank dramatically, then slowly, his eyes closed and everything went blank… "hold on..." whispered a female's voice softly into his ear. That was the last thing he could remember...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

End flashback

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tala felt extremely annoyed that he couldn’t remember the rest of the incident or what that light was! He wanted to find out, and he had too!

Running fingers over his toned stomach, he gave a hiss from the pain of the bruising.

"Shit, that hurts..." Normally tala was use to the pain,however, it wasn't the same as usual...

Slowly turning around, he found his jacket in a heap on the far corner of the room. He wondered over to it, and collected it of the floor. Holding the jacket in the air, it was covered in little rips. Covering his body with the shreaded clothing, he made his way out of the door, to find his teammates…but something drew his attention else where. Looking back at the corner he was crouched in, a strange but unique sensation crept up his back making him shiver and his finger tips turn numb and cold. It was a feeling he had never embraced, and hoped that it was just a faze... Just!

TELL ME, TELL ME, TEEEEEEEELLLLLL MMEEEEEEEEEEE What u think?? I need atleast 5 comments till i can put the next one up, so hurry and comment^^ :P

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

I'm afriad that the unthinkable and undescribable has happened... my life has caved in on me =( and now i'm all alone... but on a better note! i have drawn a picture of Ed from FMA ^_^
If you guys cast your minds back to a picture i did of Tala with no top on, well... same happened to Ed!
Im gonna piss off now becos Ville is annoying me *poke* I wish he would go eat cheese rather then poke me FFS! Please comment and tell me how you are??

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Friday, December 30, 2005


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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I love these songs! so sad and gothic... love it!

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