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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

   Summer Vacation and a HUGE Hello!!
A HUGE Hello to all my friends!! ^_^

HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! Its been soooooooooo long eh? The first thing I did once I came back online was, go to everyone's sites that I knew, then check out my Guestbook, and then add friends. It feels really good to come back again!! ^_^ And so many things have actually changed! lol.. Anyways, on my part, I had a really hectic school year and I'm currently on my summer vacation!!!! ^_^ I'm also looking for a summer job, but a bit lazy in that area ..lol... I've also been doing A LOT of reading too. I'm totally hooked on this book called "Twilight". It's about a vampire and a human falling in love with each other. The author is Stephenie Meyer. The fourth and final book in the series is coming out on August 2nd and the movie of the first book (which is called "Twilight") is going to be released on December 12th. And I am waaaay excited!! ^_^ To be honest, I just finished the first book a couple of days ago. I rented the book from the library a week ago since one of my friends got me into it. So now I'm planning on getting all the books and preparing for the movie! ^_^ As you guys can see, I'm also a total book worm at times! LOL.... Seriously, I really think people (mostly girls) should go out there and actually check them out. Its a fab series and its quite easy to get hooked to (me being a victim! ^_^ lol..). Plus, here in New Brunswick (a province in Canada), we've been getting really hot heat waves!! It's much too hot and I'd really like to go to the beach sometime soon! ^_^ And I know for a fact that my family is not going really anywhere for vaction this year, or at least, not that I know of.. But really I don't mind so much cause then, there's much more time for me to post on MyO!!!! ^_^ So anyways, what's everyone else been up to nowadays?? Please please comment you guys--I am more than ever to read them!! ^_^ Since it's the summer, I will try to post much more often too. Talk to u guys soon!!!! ^_^ See ya!! ^_^


P.S. I'm thinking of changing the theme.. Anyone have any ideas?? I'm open to any at the moment! ^_^

P.P.S. Just to let u guys know, I won't be on MyO as much as before but please continue to leave comments and sign my guestbook because I still do read them and I will try my best to reply! ^_^ Thank-you!! ^_^

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